Best Breast Firming Tips!


Sexy curves maintained from the top to the bottom..a 36-24-36 figure..body with perfectly shaped breasts which add glamour to our dress..isn’t it like a most craved dream, which we all want to happen in reality? Well, hold on, here I am not only talking about the clan of men, rather I am talking on reality grounds and hence, women are also a part of my discussion. Yes, let’s face it ladies! WE ALL CRAVE FOR BEST SHAPED AND FIRMED BREASTS. If that’s the need of majority, then why not take steps towards achieving our goal?

Giving some rest to your shyness, I am here to provide you with some of the best breast firming tips, which can really be useful for you. So, here we proceed..

It is a well known fact we are bound to experience saggy breasts at some point of our life. May not today, in our youth, but surely after our late 30’s, am I right? Yes, Aging is the most common factor of having saggy breasts. After our late 30’s, our skin starts becoming loose due to the aging factor. More to it, pregnancy, breast feeding, breast cancer, excessive consumption of alcohol, nicotine and carbonated beverages also play a major role in encouraging our saggy breasts. But, need not worry, you have me by your side! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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As per my research and personal experience says, there are many tips which can be listed out for you ladies so that you can reward yourself with the blissful experience of having well toned and firmed breasts. But, thankfully I am there for you, so I have categorized the tips into few sections. Here, have a look at them..

# Natural Tips

* Massage

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This is the well known method for firming loose breasts. It s advised to pamper your breasts with a good olive oil massage 2-3 times per week. This will help in the drawing of blood to the surface of your skin thus, increasing your blood flow and repairing of your body cells. This will further help in adding firmness to your breasts and improving their appearance. Carrot oil, fennel oil, cypress oil, spearmint oil and lemongrass oil can also serve as a great aid to your cause.

* Breast Mask


You can even go for this option and the best thing about this fact is that you can prepare your own breast mask at your home within few minutes. You only need to grind a cucumber, then add an egg yolk to it and finally, add some butter or natural cream to the mixture. Mix the solution well turning it into a paste and then, apply it on your breasts. Leave it there for atleast 15-20 minutes and then, wash it off. This technique will lead to the firming of your breast tissues thus, leading to your firmed breast.

* Ice Massaging

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It is another effective form of having toned breasts. Take 2 ice cubes and massage it in a circle covering your breasts for atleast a minute. However, this cannot be practiced for long due to the sensitivity of our breast area. This technique ensures to provide great effects when combined with putting on a properly fitting bra immediately after the therapy.

# Exercises

* Yoga

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Yoga is gaining worldwide popularity in every field of health. Well, not being surprised, it has marked it’s domain even in breast firming by providing the world with effective breast firming yoga asanas. Triangle Pose, Cobra Pose and Standing Forward Bend are some of the famous asanas, which helps in increasing your breasts’ flexibility and toning. It is also advised to follow headstands, back-bends and inverted leg stretch in order to reverse the effect of gravity on your breasts.

* Breast Exercises


Following pectoral exercises is the best and easiest way of adding firmness to your breasts. For achieving your goal, you can push yourself towards doing Push Ups. It will help in providing a good shape to your breasts and in even reducing the excess of fat deposits around your breast. Lifting weights can also be added to the list of pectoral exercises.

# General Tips

* Posture

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We often tend to position ourselves in hunching forward position, which is actually not good for our breasts. For getting firmed breasts, we need to sit or walk in a straight posture, thus providing good support to our breasts and avoiding their freely hanging.

* Special Bras

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Market is full of all kinds of bras, but you must know the best one to pick from. Try to go for the bras, which have strong support holders at their cup bottoms, which further help in lifting up of your breasts and keeping them firm.

* Wear Sunscreen

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Sunscreen is the best option when you are under the Sun. do not forget to wear good sunscreen with SPF 15, when your breast area is exposed to Sun in your bikini, low neckline top or tank top. Sun plays a big hand in breaking down the elastin fibers of your skin thus, speeding up the aging process and sagging of your breats.

# Artificial Tips

* Hormone Replacement Therapy

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Hormonal conditions like menopause results in sagging and degeneration of your breast skin. But, now you can stop breast sagging even through artificial method of Hormone replacement therapy, which contains the use of female hormones thar are used to restore hormone levels. And yes, do even remember to consult your doctor before going for it to avoid any unwanted side effects.

Here, my job comes to an end. Now, it’s your job to chose the best among the listed ones. However, I would advise you to follow maximum tips as you can for your firmed breasts. So, go ladies and treat yourself well! ๐Ÿ™‚

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