Bridal Tips to Look Stunning at Every Occasion!


As soon as a diamond begins to sparkle on your ring finger, chances are, you start dreaming about your big day – what your dress and hair will look like, who your bridesmaids will be, your choice of vehicle (or carriage!) to make a grand entrance. While your wedding dress is definitely your top priority, there will be many occasions leading up to your big day, which will involve photography and which will therefore require you to look your bridal best. In this post, we provide you with top tips for maximizing your beauty factor, so you can look as good as you feel. Being a bride, after all, is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

For Beautiful Skin, Start from Within

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The stresses of daily life mean that often, the first thing we neglect is our nutrition. Many women either skip meals because of the stress of preparing for a wedding, or set unrealistic weight loss goals to fit into a dress that may be a couple of sizes smaller than their usual size. Although make-up can do plenty to hide the ravages of a poor diet, it is vital to support your skincare routine with healthy eating.

One of the greatest causes of premature skin ageing is a  high-sugar, high-processed food diet. Sugar destroys the order within your cells, leading to the cross-linkage of collagen fibers and to inflammation. By reducing your glucose intake, insulin levels in your body stabilize and your skin cells are able to function as intended. Try to fill your plate with living cuisine (sprouts, raw or slightly cooked vegetables), quality proteins (like wild Alaskan salmon and avocado, which are great sources of healthy fats) and fresh, seasonal fruits.

The results will soon show up in the form of tighter, smoother and more glowing skin. If you are having an engagement party, pre-wedding get-together or wedding shower, you want to look your best even if you choose only a lightly made-up look. If your skin is in tip-top condition, you will not need to worry about having to resort to heavy concealers and primers. A natural look usually works best, on and off camera.

Work on Your Smile

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Having a beautiful smile is crucial when it comes to posing for wedding photos with confidence. New technologies in implantation, whitening and even ‘almost invisible’ tooth correction enable us to have beautiful teeth in a much shorter time frame than in the past. As speedy and minimally invasive as these techniques are, some do require surgery and therefore, they should not be left to the last minute. See your dentist a minimum of six months before the wedding, so you can formulate a long-term dental strategy together.

Work Out!

Instead of crash dieting and risking falling into dangerous eating patterns, focus on your exercise routine; you will love seeing your toned, defined arms in your wedding photographs! A few months before your wedding, look into fitness methods like Cross Fit, known to be particularly effective at transforming and reshaping the body. Not only will you look better; you will also have more energy to deal with the stress and time consumption involved in planning your big day.

Experiment with Hair and Make-Up

It pays to have your hair and make-up done at least twice before your wedding day. Occasions like your wedding shower are perfect for this purpose. Make sure to take lots of photographs in different types of lighting. Practice posing in different angles to find the look that best suits you. Brides usually opt for formal up-dos, but some women simply look better with their hair down.

Experiment with a half-up look, considering adding a touch of color or sparkle to your hair and even considering extensions if you wish to sport a fuller looking knot, plait or bun. Try out looks you may not have considered in the past, such as vintage waves, which add an air of romanticism to your look. Play around with accessories, flowers and short veils if you wish to forego the traditional long veil.

Take Your Time

Everything from your skincare routine to your hair color and cut should be determined in an un-rushed fashion. A lack of organization can lead to dramatic measures such as brides throwing caution to the wind and opting for a dramatic haircut or unflattering color just days before their wedding. Additional factors which should be considered months before include eyebrow shaping, facial peels and/or microdermabrasion sessions and acne treatments.

Find Your Signature Scent

Wearing a fragrance that truly expresses your personality is important every day, but it is crucial on the day of your wedding. The right perfume can make you feel more beautiful and this sense of confidence shows. Sense memory is intricately tied with the things we see, taste and smell. Your special scent is something your groom will remember in years to come and it will also say plenty about you to your wedding guests. If the world of perfumes is a maze to you, we suggest a perfume testing session with a seasoned professional. Not only can they help you discover the scent families and notes that tickle your fancy, they can also help you design your own fragrance, so you can wear a unique and completely personalized scent on the day of your wedding.

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