Charcoal Mask Benefits & How To Use It?


Activated charcoal has become a very popular name in the beauty world. You will find it in products ranging from shampoos and facial cleansers to scrubs and soaps.

As it is believed that this can control bacteria and impurities from skin, activated charcoal has also become an amazing ingredient in the face masks.

Whether you are looking for improve your complexion or cure acne, here is a brief look at how the activated charcoal might benefit the skin, as well as other uses for this product.

What is activated charcoal?

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Activated charcoal is also called activated carbon and is a black powder that is produced when charcoal is exposed to high temperatures. The exposure creates small holes or internal spaces in the charcoal, making it more absorbent which is able to absorb chemicals and toxins.

Although it is a kind of charcoal, the activated charcoal is different from other charcoal used on a grill.

Benefits of the charcoal mask

Because there is limited scientific study on the skin benefits of activated charcoal, many potential benefits of the charcoal masks are based on limited evidence.

A charcoal mask may have the following benefits.

Remove impurities from the skin


Because of the activated charcoal’s power to absorb harmful bacteria and toxins from body, few skin experts say that a charcoal face mask may help remove impurities from the skin.

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Limited evidence shows that by eliminating bacteria and trapped dirt from the skin, using the charcoal face mask could lead to a healthier and clearer complexion.

Cures acne


Acne is caused by the accumulation of dead skin cells, oil, and bacteria that are trapped in the pores in the skin. Acne-causing bacteria could trigger pimple and inflammatory lesions, resulting in redness, irritation, and swelling.

The antibacterial property of the activated charcoal may help remove bacteria from the pores. It may help in reducing acne and also improving skin complexion.

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Treats insect bites


Insect stings and bites could cause the skin to swell and itch. According to some evidence, the activated charcoal might help in taking the sting out of bite by neutralizing toxins in the insect venom.

Controls excess oil production in skin


Excessive oil production can be a problem, especially for teenagers and young who are facing hormonal changes in the body and skin. When a charcoal face mask is applied on skin, it could help absorb the excess oil production, balancing the sebum levels and ensuring anything above the required oil secretion is addressed. If you have dry skin, do not use it very frequently.

How to use charcoal mask?

  1. Cleanse the skin before applying mask. A clean face may help the mask penetrate the pores.
  2. Then apply the mask uniformly on the face, including the forehead, noise, cheeks, and chin. Massage the mask on your skin using the fingertips or soft-bristled brush. Do not get it into the eyes.
  3. Allow this mask dry on the skin for about 15 minutes, and then rinse off with slightly warm water.
  4. Finally, gently dry the face, and apply the facial moisturizer.

How often you should apply charcoal mask?

Like other facial masks, apply the charcoal mask once or twice every week. If you have a sensitive skin, or your skin feels dry after applying a charcoal mask, apply once a week.

As the mask should sit on the skin for around 15 minutes, it may be easier to include the mask in the nighttime skincare routine.

If you apply this mask early in morning, you can do it before having the shower, and then gently wash the mask.

Other benefits of an activated charcoal

Activated charcoal does not only have the ability to benefit the skin. It could also be used as a natural remedy for many other conditions. These include:

  • Use in poison treatment. Activated charcoal could help prevent your body from absorbing chemicals from stomach during poisoning and drug overdose.
  • Reducing cholesterol level. Due to the ability to prevent body from absorbing cholesterol in gut, research has showed that activated charcoal might help reduce total cholesterol and LDL cholesterol.
  • Helping in kidney function. By assisting the body in getting rid of toxins, study has shown that the activated charcoal can help people with chronic kidney diseases.
  • Improving gastrointestinal conditions. Very limited research has revealed that the activated charcoal might help with bloating and relieving gas.

In recent days, the activated charcoal has become a popular ingredient in beauty world. Despite limited study to support its skin care benefits, people have had positive results with charcoal mask, enjoying the clearer skin and a healthy complexion.

For best result, find a charcoal mask that is suited to the skin type, contains all natural ingredients, and is also free of harsh chemical, dye, parabens, and fragrance. You can also make your own mask with natural ingredients.

If you have sensitive skin or specific question about the safety of the activated charcoal, consult your doctor or dermatologists before using the charcoal mask.

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