Choose These 8 Indian Honeymoon Destinations Over Some Exotic Foreign Locations


Swiss Alps, Miami beaches, French architecture, stunning waterfalls or the crystal clear coral reefs of Thailand, all these foreign locations are famous for their individual exclusiveness and the most exotic sites. But, let me surprise you with an amazing place, which has all of it in a single country called India!

Yes lovebirds, you read that right! India is one place where you can find all of the world’s beauty combined in your own country. Most of us, who can happily afford to travel to the most exotic and private foreign locations for our honeymoon, have been missing out on equally stunning and exotic Indian locations.

Here is a list of most serene and stunning honeymoon destinations located in India with exotic feels and are way better than any foreign location. And the best part is that you don’t need to spend over the budget to enjoy at these places.

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1. Mountainous Paradise Of Kashmir

image source: mmt

A poet once exclaimed, ‘if there is a paradise on earth, then it is nowhere but here’ and we couldn’t agree more to this statement. From snow-capped mountains to beautiful shikaras on the serene river, it is all heavenly about Kashmir.

image source: catalystholidays

Its most exotic locations have been shot many times in Bollywood films. Even our B-town stars love to spend their holidays or honeymoon in Kashmir rather than in swiss alps.

2. The French-Style Puducherry

image source: cloudfront

Puducherry or Pondicherry, as it is popularly known as, has all things French and is the perfect place to take the feel of being in exotic French locations without actually being there.

image source: triphours
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From beautiful churches to quiet and tidy beaches to the stunningly gorgeous French-Style Villas, everything here has a vintage charm.

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3. Spectacular Version Of Niagara Falls Of Chhattisgarh

image source: padhaaro

Chitrakoot Falls of Chhattisgarh is a stunningly spectacular version of Niagara Falls, which people from around the world urge to witness its breathtaking beauty at least once in their lifetime.

image source: vivaciousanushri

But wait, didn’t we just tell you, how remarkable Chitrakoot Falls are that they almost replicate the intriguing beauty of Niagara Falls, with similar shape and height they are in.

4. Churches, Trance Parties, Beaches, And Goa!

image source: newindianexpress

Goa is the ultimate honeymoon destination for the party lovers! From long and tidy beaches to the amazing trance parties at night and not to forget the British-build Churches with stunning architectures, Goa is all about nature and beauty and freedom of doing anything and everything to celebrate.

image source: thrillophilia

Whether you love to enjoy the relaxing sunbaths or you like to gawk around the natural beauty, and there is no end to the delicious food here in Goa.

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5. Adventure Filled Andaman Islands

image source: mytravelspartner

If crystal clear reefs and water sports are what’s on your mind, then the Andaman Islands are your ultimate honeymoon destination. Nothing could be better than an adventurous trip to know your partner well.

image source: mankiyatra

Surrounded by dozens of beaches, adventure sports activities and dolphins! One might deny to ever head back and leave the serenity of this magical place. Enjoy your honeymoon with the most romantic candlelight dinners on the beach or go snorkeling, scuba diving, parasailing, Banana rides and much more.

6. Madhya Pradesh’s Beautiful Wildlife

image source:

If getting close to nature is what will bring you two closer, then we would suggest Madhya Pradesh and its amazing wildlife that has all the feel of nature at one place.

image source: indiatoursntravels

From wild animals to ancient forts, beautiful chirping birds to jungle safaris, MP is surrounded by such beauty and national parks.

7. Kerala-God’s Own Country

image source: girikand

Do we need to say more than what god has proclaimed to be their own! There is no way to describe this one place in perfect words or mere words at all, for that matter. Culture, architecture, nature, serene waters, food, music and most important privacy, what else could you possibly want more for a perfect honeymoon!

image source: volunteersmagazine

Houseboats, glorious waters, exotic birds, Ayurvedic therapies, ecstatic food, and wild elephants, you will find everything more intimidating here than any other place.

8. Flower Valley Of Nanital

image source: nainitalbudgethotels

The undeniable charm of flowers is enough to woo your partner even till date! And where can you find more exotic and beautiful flowers than in the valleys of Nanital’s Floral delights?

image source: navuttarakhand

Beautiful lush green path walks, all surrounded by the most serene and colorful flowers and their dreamy and vibrant fragrances.

So, now that you have an idea of how close you have been living by these exotic destinations, then it is the time that you switch your plans of spending on foreign locations and go enjoy your honeymoon at these stunningly beautiful exotic Indian locations instead!

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