City Crimes and Women’s Safety!!!



Do you think it’s safe for a lady to travel late night? If it wasn’t for the rising crime rate in the city, the answer would have been yes. But unfortunately, the most obvious answer is NO. I myself get nervous if my sister is not back before nine at night.

What is it which restricts women from enjoying night life? It’s the crimes which prevent a lady to travel confidently at night. The primary misdemeanors include rape, robbery, eve teasing, chain-snatching and even throwing acid on the faces.

Leaving the other crimes apart, you obviously know that rape of a woman is the most brutal crime one can commit. The recent rape crimes have completely ruined the image and self-esteem of the capital city.

A glance at the city crimes:

  • Rape: Is it only men who are to be blamed for rape? The origin of the temptation to commit this crime lies in the old Indian tradition which has never given women the same status as men. Women were treated low in the ancient times may be due to practices of polygamy and child marriage. Most of the men with such a mentality tend to rape women not just for a sexual desire but also to disgrace them.

  • Robbery: You may have noticed that some areas in the city are not considered safe even for boys. In those areas, people are frequently robbed and hence you’re advised not to hang around there.

  • Chain-snatching: This is one of the most commonly occurring crimes in the city. One or two persons speeding on a two wheeler snatch away the chain from the neck. This mostly happens in a deserted park or on the roadside.

During recent months, the rate at which these crimes are committing has gone up. It’s the time when women should be trained enough in self-defense to protect themselves from robbery and rape. Education on gender equality needs to be strongly imparted to all the citizens. So think about it…. and contribute to the cause!


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