5 Year Old Girl’s Rape! Who’s More Unsafe? Woman or Girl Child?


The brutal gang-rape of 23-year old physiotherapy intern Damini shook the whole nation with angry protests. Honestly, I believed it will cut the number of rape cases in future… But it had no effect on the merciless rapists. The number of rape cases increased even after the protests… Justice is missing from the city.

Until now, we thought only grown up girls and women to be unsafe. But is that the fate of poor little girl children too? There’s no situation more outrageous than this one. Today even girl child is at the risk of getting raped.

Sad but true!!! The criminal mind of the rapists has crossed the limits with the rape of a five year old girl named Gudiya.  That’s right!! Gudiya was first drugged and abducted by her neighbor and raped by him and his friend. After being raped she was kept locked in the house of the neighbor without food and water. In this time span she was raped many times. The poor child is now undergoing a treatment at AIIMS.

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Is this the way a girl child deserves to be treated? What was her fault? Being a female? Some orthodox minds may think that men are tempted to rape at the sight of fashionable exposing dresses. Is this crime justified with this stupid thought? What about girl children? They have to wear mini frocks and skirts at their age. Why were they raped?

The reason lies in the old Indian culture which has never treated women the same as men. Women were always looked down upon. Practices like child marriage and polygamy ruined the social life of women in ancient times. But some people still seem to believe in that old tradition. Such men have a motive to disgrace a lady just by raping her.

This is a disease which is slowly gripping this nation. If we have to stop this from becoming an epidemic, we must ensure that women get the same status and respect as that given to men. Strongly imparting knowledge about women empowerment and gender equality will greatly help in ruling out the possibility of sexual assault on women and children both. It’s our NATION and it’s our duty to protect our WOMEN CITIZENS!


kartik kumar
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