Super Easy Tips For Keeping Your House Sparkling Clean This Monsoon


As the summer season ends and we enter the monsoons, there is a drastic change in the weather and so there are a lot of things that change in the environment around you as well. Apart from eating good food, cleanliness also takes a major part of your well-being. If you are getting sick over and over again, it would surely be the germs and bacteria that are making you sick and these can be lurking in your houses. So, a real clean house is very important when it comes to good health. Amongst all seasons monsoons calls for regular and special cleaning of houses we live in.  Let’s get to know important tips for keeping your house sparklingly clean and free from germs in monsoons.

Keeping your kitchen neat and clean is a good habit and one should have it forever irrespective of the season. Most of your illness comes from here if you don’t keep it clean. So, here are some quickies that one can follow for cleanliness during the monsoons season.

How to keep your kitchen clean

How to keep your kitchen clean

  • Your first and foremost priority should be the basic cleaning and organizing the kitchen. Which means, properly cleaning the utensils and the table after every meal. Do not leave any stains on any item because these stains will facilitate growth of bacteria due to damp conditions outside.
    Whatever the leftover is, just transfer them in an airtight container so that they don’t get exposed to germs.
  • Clean the spills as soon as they occur. If you are eating and by mistake, you spill out some gravy or meat, do not forget to clean it on the spot. And with cleaning it means using a liquid cleaner so that not even the smell should remain.
  • If you have a dishwasher, keep that also clean and do not overload it. Put in the number of utensils that could easily fit in. And don’t forget to empty the dishwasher after every cycle.
  • The table is important to clean because you take all your meals on it but your countertops are also equally important because there are so many germs that can infect your food if your countertop is not clean. So, make it sure that after the preparation of every meal, you should wipe up the top and use a disinfectant for that.

Cleaning your bedroom and bathroom

Cleaning your bedroom and bathroom

  • Don’t you think the place where you sleep is equally important? Yeah! I have seen people who take no inclination towards cleaning their bedrooms. But you should not be one of them. Keeping your bed untidy and throwing your used clothes here and there will surely make you go mad in monsoon.
  • Firstly, if you want to take up the initiative of keeping your bedroom clean you should start making the bed. It is a healthy practice and will make your living standards high. Don’t take it as a waste of time.
  • The second important thing is to keep doing the laundries on a regular basis. Make it sure that at least you clear one load each day so that dirty clothes don’t stack up too much making the room unhealthy.
  • Change your bedsheet and pillow cover after every 10 days to keep your skin healthy. According to a survey it is seen that those who are not regularly changing their sheets, they start developing rashes on their skin. Whereas the oil or the serum that your pillow cover wipes off your head will harm your facial skin if you don’t change it.
  • Do not leave clothes hanging in the bathroom for too long during monsoons as it will not be healthy for you.
  • Keep the bathtub, buckets, towels and other utility items of the bathroom clean and dry.

Cleanliness of the living room is also important

Cleanliness of the living room is also important

  • The living room is a spacious place where you seat your guests and spend your leisure time. If you have kids who play in that area, it becomes even more important for you to clean it up. So, here are some things that you can do to fix it up.
  • Dust up the platforms, curtains, sofa, couch and every other stuff on a regular basis, if not daily.
  • Always keep the place de-cluttered from the other things as this is important because you will not be able to clean things easily if the place has too many things around.
  • Do not forget to dust things under the cushions as well. With time the dust gets settled in the place and you might catch a few problems due to this. So, keep it clean and tidy.
  • Say a no-no to the wet footwear and clothes. If someone from the family arrives while it’s raining outside then do not let the wet footwear enter your house. They will make the place dirty and kids could easily catch the infection. Moreover, once the person had changed into dry clothes just use some disinfectant on the wet clothes.

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