How to Make Monsoon Romantically Awesome! 7th One is Icing on the Cake!


Ok! Ok! Hold on! ?

We are going to take you to this mushy ride amidst those drizzles of love.

We all are like cucumbers.

Wondering, how? ?

It is filled with so much water just like myriad of emotions are filled within us. Water quenches thirst when body really needs it and in the same way emotions appease soul when it craves for.

Let’s get to the point and that is obviously romance. And I don’t think it is to be defined as who can think of life without it? No one, obviously. Some are born with having it dormant and expose them at the occasions ? and some are blessed to shower it even just for no reason. And when it is raining outside, romanticism shoots to the moon and nothing is there in this universe to serve them but your beloved. ?

So, when you’ve got THE ONE, why don’t you make these rains memorable?

Again, thinking of the ways? No worries, we’re here to enlighten you ?

1. A short trip with him, is not a bad idea!

A short trip with him, is not a bad idea

How can’t you do this? I mean, weekend is here, and rains has already soaked it all. Go, plan a short vacation if not too far then any nearby hangout place would help amidst these irresistibly romantic vibes.

2. Go for a walk and it would be a walk to remember!

Go for a walk and it would be a walk to remember

Raining outside and you’re still sitting back and relax at home? It’s not done. Just a walk in the nearby park or on even that usual street you come across every day, would make you feel like so filmy. Holding hand in hand and maybe sharing the same umbrella sends myriad of sensations throughout the body.

3. Your balcony with two cups of coffee can do wonders!

Your balcony with two cups of coffee can do wonders

Just imagine, drizzles, your balcony, couch, cup of coffee and of course the two of you can create magic. Give it a try if don’t believe me.

4. Dance like no one is watching!

Dance like no one is watching

Grooving with nature’s divine tunes could be a fascinating option. Your terrace would help in this rhythmic gesture amidst those showers of rain. I bet you’d love it.

5. Long drive? Oh c’mon, it’s not that cliché now!

Long drive

It’s one of the very first thought which probably can strike your mind. But, damn to this pathetic traffic. Still, it could be managed on some comparatively lesser crowded roads nearby. Accelerate your love ride.

6. Your window, a cosy couch and listening to the same song!

Your window, a cosy couch and listening to the same song

Peeking through the window while it’s raining cats and dogs outside, is not just any random happening but a feeling. A feeling which draws you closer to this nature and your beloved too. Get ready with your playlist and share not only the earphones but those blazing emotions.

7. A steamy make out session can melt everything away!

A steamy make out session can melt everything away

Now, got Goosebumps already? ? Wait wait. 😀

Nature has it all to trigger human desires if you really feel it that way. And when it comes to rains, they shoot them higher and higher and make you feel spellbound.

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