Easy and Important Tips for Skin Care for Summers


Summer is here and along with-it summer brings intense heat which results in mega exposure to harmful UV rays and loads of sweat. The scorching sun breaches our protective layers of skin and makes us prone to skin problems like skin tan, sunspots, dehydrated and rough skin. So, it becomes extremely important to take care of our skin and follow the best measures that are there for having healthy skin in summers. Here in this article we bring to you all that you must know for keeping your skin healthy in summers.

Now first let us see how do summers affect our skin?

This is a question that should come in your mind when you are looking for answers. If you are unable to figure out the reason behind your degrading skin then you might not be able to find the right solution.

During the summer heat mixes up with humidity and scorching winds to increase the working of the sebaceous glands which in return makes your skin look a bit more oily than usual and the dry skin a bit rougher and patchy. This is not all, the sun also tans up your skin making it look darker and dull than it usually looks like.

1. Use the right products on your skin

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Use the right products on your skin

You must know the difference between a winter cream and that which is used in summers. The composition of both these creams are different and you have to use them according to the season. So, keep that in mind. So, whatever you use just check out its usage. Moreover, if you have a schedule, which includes your skin being exposed to the sun for a long time then just use the sunscreen which will prevent your skin from the harmful UV rays.

2. Use some anti-oxidants in your facial skin care routine

Use some anti-oxidants in your facial skin care routine

Summers bring along not just the dehydration of the body but the skin as well. Your skin needs a good quality anti-oxidant serum during this season. There are two major benefits of using the serum, firstly, it keeps your skin hydrated and secondly it forms a layer which protects it from the pollution in the environment. The anti-oxidants in your body boost up the production of collagen and helps prevent your skin from any further damage. So, what you can do is just keep a good stock of citrus-rich food, green tea, and whole grain. All of this could help you in having a better skin this summer.

3. Exfoliate your skin

Exfoliate your skin

Exfoliation makes your skin better and brings back the glow while removing the dead skin from the top. During hot days, the key to getting a good facial skin is by exfoliating it on regular basis. But then you need to be gentle or else you are going to rash your skin up. For people having gentle skin, it is recommended that they should opt for a mild-wash.

4. Use light to no make-up

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Use light to no make-up

It is recommended that one should wear less to no makeup if you are having problems with your oily skin. This is because it is very hard for the facial skin to breathe if you wear makeup.  So, try to reduce or keep it away at least for summers. What you must use during summer is a suntan remover and while you walk off your house just use the sunscreen for help.

Follow all these rules and see how you will glide through summers without any skin problems.

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