Cool off Your Pets This Summer, Using These 4 Ways!


Pets need as much care as us Hoomans do! Loving them and taking care of your pets are two different things. It’s easy to say that you love your pet, but do your really take good care of them?

Many of us think that our pets are not affected by the outside temperature as we do, but it’s not completely true! Yes, animals or birds do have the ability to adjust their body temperature as per the surroundings, but not up to the extent that we humans do. Pets need extra care and love, especially during the summers.

Summer is almost here, and we should be ready to face the harsh UV rays of the sun and the scorching heat that it lashes on us. Start taking precautions for a healthy skin and body from now, and do NOT forget to take care of your pet as well. Most people prefer cats, dogs and birds over any other kind of animal to pet at home.

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By the rising hot temperature, your pet might suffer from dehydration or even some fatal conditions in some cases. So, take these following measures, to help them relax and cool off from the summer heat:

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It’s Swim Time, Doggies!
Did you know! Even dogs get heat strokes! Yes, they are also prone to the higher temperatures as much as we HOOMANS are. If you are planning to take your little pooch out for a drive or shopping, then don’t leave them in the parking area, no matter what. Instead, we would rather suggest you to leave them at home, where it’s cooler and more comfortable for them to stay.

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Some dogs like to sit or swim in the water when it gets too hot for them, or you can even rub a few ice cubes on your dog’s belly to cool them off.

Give your dog cold things like chilled milk, juices, buttermilk or yogurt, it will help them stay calm and cool under the hot summer sun.

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Birds Need TLC Too!
Unlike mammals, birds can tolerate a little high temperature of their surroundings. Their own body temperature lies somewhere between 40 to 45 degrees Celsius, so they can easily adapt the surrounding temperature of this frequency. But as the heat rises, they fail to regulate their body heat like humans.

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Also, when birds are unable to get enough or an appropriate amount of water during the summers, they start panting, with their beaks and wings spread wide open. If your pet is caged, you might also find them sitting the bottom of their cage while it’s too hot for them.

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Make sure you provide enough water for your pet birds and keep them inside the house, especially during the dusk, for it can t=be the reason for many illnesses that can spread through the house and your kids too.

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Shade & Cool Water For Lazy Cats!
For the water to remain cool all the times, use earthen water pots, placing each in every room, including the terrace and the garden or lawn, for your cats. You need to take special care if your cat is getting old, and check for ticks and fleas thoroughly, everyday, to prevent from spreading any illness around.

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Put cardboard boxes for your cat to sleep in. There’s no solid reason to why cats find cardboard boxes to playful and comfortable but this is the least we can do to make them feel relaxed during hot summer days. Also, wipe off your cat with a damp cotton cloth during the days, which will help them take a good nap during the daytime.

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Good Diet Is Essential
It is extremely important for all the pet parents to make sure of providing their pets a liquid-heavy diet, for preventing them from causing dehydration. Also, get your pets proper vaccinations done, to keep them away and safe from the illness and diseases to catch up.

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