5 Common Mistakes Causing Under Eye Dark Circles


It’s not just the sleepless night, but our biggest reason and the culprit for this crime-Netflix, especially in our case, is responsible for causing us under eye dark circles. Not just it, there are other numerous reasons that give you those panda eyes, one of them being OVERSLEEPING, that is totally unbelievable on all accounts.

Yes, ladies, there are many other reasons to have caused you the dark circles. In fact, some of them include your own certain INNOCENT MISTAKES like improper diet, overexposure to the sun etc. But if you start taking good care of yourself, focusing on maintaining a good health, then the dark circles can easily be treated.

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Below stated is a list of 5 such common mistakes or as we call it an innocent mistake, which leads to under eye dark circles after a while:

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Those salt water pools that flowing down your cheeks aren’t just ruining and washing away your gorgeous makeup, but they are also the reason behind you getting those big ugly-looking dark circles, under your eyes.

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Who would have thought that sleeping could ever cause any harm to anyone? But it does directly attack on your beauty! Yes, even oversleeping causes you under eye dark circles. Though it’s almost impossible to believe this, but it’s completely true!

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Exposing yourself to the sun for a long time can not only prove to be extremely harmful to your skin and health but is also harmful to your eyes as well. It causes under eye dark circles and tanning as well. Melanin, the pigment responsible for skin color, is released in an excessive amount which ultimately leads to dark colored skin and dark circles.

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Salt consumption is extremely necessary for the human body, otherwise, it may lead to improper working of vital functions. But, even excess salt intake leads to some harmful effects on your body and organs as well. Dark circles are one of those many harmful effects to be caused by excess salt intake and retaining of the fluids from the under-eye area.

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Iron is responsible for carrying oxygen to your cells, and the deficiency of which causes dark circles, making you look unattractive and dull. So, increase your intake of those leafy vegetables, especially Spinach, which is rich in iron and is the best way to improve your iron level in your body.

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Follow a proper diet and various home remedies to get rid of those ugly-looking dark circles and share your reviews with us!

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