7 Amazing Ways to Detox Your Hair Naturally


Having beautiful hair and flaunting them is a charm every one of us somewhere craves for and the ones who are blessed with this, so far so good but the ones who still wish to do so, we have the remedy. We would tell you about a homemade technique which is called hair detox. Let’s know more about it.

Hair detox is nothing but a healing process to maintain the health of your mane by providing it with proper nutrition and care. There are various factors that affect the texture and quality of your mane.

So, in order to maintain the beauty of hair, we have listed some natural ways to detox your hair.

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1. Trim your hair regularly

Trim your hair regularlyImage Source: salonpricelady

The hair detox is nothing but the process to heal your hair. And it is advised that you should trim your hair once at least in six weeks to get rid of dead ends. This tip also helps in maintaining the health of your mane and prevents chemical build-up.

2. Keep your scalp healthy

Keep your scalp healthyImage Source: hearstapps

To maintain healthy hair it is very important to keep your scalp clean. For this reason, it is suggested that you should wash your hair twice a week with a mild shampoo to get rid of the dead cells. And, always start applying shampoo from the nape of the neck.

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3. Moisturize your hair

Moisturize your hairImage Source: bollywoodshaadis

To restore the lost moisture of your hair, you will require a pre-shampoo treatment which includes massaging your hair with a nourishing oil to provide moisture to the hair cuticle. Just warm some coconut oil and massage your hair with it. Then, allow it to sit for 20 minutes and wash it off using a shampoo.

4. Detox your hair using baking soda

Detox your hair using baking sodaImage Source: stylecraze

When you run out of time, this simple hack will help in keeping your hair clean. Just add a tablespoon of baking soda to your regular shampoo and apply it to your mane. Using this blend not only keeps your hair clean but also prevents product build-up.

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5. Avoid styling products and hair dye

Avoid styling products and hair dyeImage Source: hellomagazine

It is believed that using hair styling tools like hair dryers and hair curlers on a regular basis can make your hair dry and weak. So, it is advised that you should limit the use of the hair styling products. According to a study, bleaching your hair makes it 60 percent weaker. Hence, you should limit the use of these products.

6. Cucumber and lemon to detox your hair

 Cucumber and lemon to detox your hairImage Source: stylecraze

Both cucumber and lemon work effectively for your hair as lemon helps in removing the dirt from the hair roots while cucumber helps to condition your mane naturally.

For this remedy, you need to blend a medium-sized cucumber with lemon juice. After that, apply this blend to your scalp and then wash it off after some time with a mild shampoo.

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7. Coconut milk detox

Coconut milk detoxImage Source: pinimg

Regular application of coconut milk can provide your mane with vital nutrients and fats that can help in hair growth. And this is the reason most of the shampoo recipes include coconut milk. So, it is advised that you should opt for shampoos that contain coconut milk, or you can also extract coconut milk at home and use it to detox your mane.

Healthy hair is an essential part of your beauty regimen. Therefore, follow these simple ways to detox your hair naturally at home and keep your hair healthy and flawless.

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