Every Indian Woman Must Have These 9 Sarees in Her Wardrobe


An Indian woman can’t look any better when she wears a saree. No matter what she wears and how beautiful she looks in any other attire, but there’s some divine aura added to her looks when she dons a saree. Whether it’s in a Bengali style or Marathi style, saree is an epitome of sheer elegance. These 9 yards never fail a woman. So here are 9 such ethereal types of saree which every woman should have and wear at least once in her life.

1. Kanjeevaram
These sarees are usually in rich red colour and are patented by Kanchipuram. This type of saree is a cult favourite of every Indian bride. Kanjeevaram is one of the most expensive types of silk, with golden zari to add more elegance to its buttery smooth fabric. Greater the quantity of gold in the saree, higher the price will be.

Sarees in Her Wardrobe1

2. Assam Silk
This is yet another exquisite type of saree which can’t be dodged off by any woman. The flowy silk fabric is extracted from a rare silkworm and is known for its glossy texture around the world. The best part is that it can be washed by hands and its high in durability which makes it last longer in our wardrobes. It is also believed that this saree is enhanced with each wash.

Sarees in Her Wardrobe2

3. Bandhni Saree
This is a style which has hailed from Gujarat and Rajasthan. The prints on the bandhni sarees are made by tying knots in the fabric and then dipping it in a dye. It is usually available in pastel and bright colours. If you’re heading for a dandiya night, this is perfect for you. They are also lightweight, which makes them the favourite among girls.

Sarees in Her Wardrobe3

4. Chanderi Sarees
This is typical of Madhya Pradesh. Chanderi sarees are usually made up of pure silk or pure cotton. The salient feature of this saree is that it is hand woven and a little more expensive than a normal saree. They usually have a peacock or geometric design and can be adorned for any occasion.

Sarees in Her Wardrobe4

5. Gadwal Saree
This is a very popular saree from Andhra Pradesh. The unique feature about this saree is that it can even fit inside a matchbox! Had mind was blown? They are extremely light and easy to carry, hence making it best for summers.

Sarees in Her Wardrobe5

6. Banarasi Saree
Who doesn’t know about Banarasi saree? Every married woman must have made her husband to buy her a Banarasi saree after a fight! Gorgeous intricate and extraordinary, these three words fit perfectly to banarasi saree. Any woman who loves to wear saree must be having one or two of banarasi saree in her wardrobe. You’ll be shocked to know that each and every banarasi saree takes 10-15 days to make with elaborate zari work and brocade. Other variants in georgette and zardosi are also available. Now you know why banarasi saree costs fortunes! You should definitely invest in one.

Sarees in Her Wardrobe6

7. Paithani Saree
This is a local variant from Aurangabad. Oblique square design and numerous colours are the striking features of Paithani saree. Other variants of Paithani saree consists of kaleidoscopic designs. The designs are not achieved by printing colours on the fabric. The different fabrics in different colours are sewn together to get these beautiful patterns.

Sarees in Her Wardrobe7

8. Patola Saree
This represents royalty of Gujarat. Patola sarees are designed in a definite pattern which usually includes geometric designs. You will be bamboozled to know that it takes 6 months to make this saree and to be very honest, this can be really very heavy in your pockets. But if you’re a saree lover, you can go any lengths for this.

Sarees in Her Wardrobe8

9. Arani Saree
This defines tradition of Tamil Nadu. Arani sarees are usually five to nine yards long and are made up of 100% pure silk. A myriad of colour and intricate designs are what which makes this saree impeccable. They are similar to kanjeeveram but cost a little lesser than that.

Sarees in Her Wardrobe9

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