9 Most Expensive Perfumes Brands for Women- Their Best Sellers!


Many perfumes cost more than an arm and a leg, but the plus point of those perfumes is simply putting few drops, you can smell nice throughout the day.

Below are the top 9 most expensive perfumes brand for women:

• JAR Bolt of Lightning Perfume ($765)

JAR Bolt of Lightning Perfume ($765)

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Joel A. Rosenthal is the person behind this famous and expensive perfume. The idea of its name comes from the way this perfume reacts with the body, and thus as per the name, the perfume is meant to smell like an air that flow after lightning. At first, when you apply it, it smells like fruits, newly cut grass, and flowers, but later it exudes a sweeter fragrance. It comes in a hand-cut bottle and the smell lasts for a pretty long time.

• Joy Parfum by Jean Patou ($800)

Joy Parfum by Jean Patou ($800)

This perfume was voted Scent of the Century in 2000, by the Fragrance Foundation. It is quite strong and has a floral smell; it is also said that each bottle of Joy Perfum consists of 300 roses and approximately 10,000 jasmine flowers. It is one of the most popular scents. Many Hollywood actresses love to carry it.

• Shalini ($900)

Most Expensive Perfume Brands for Men – Their Best Sellers!

This perfume is meant to evoke flowers that are in full bloom and like other expensive perfumes, it also comes in a small bottle. It has a strong smell of tiare flowers and white floral tuberose and has base notes of sandalwood and musk. It is also known for its pleasant and long-lasting smell.

• Hermes’ 24 Faubourg ($1,500)

Hermes' 24 Faubourg ($1,500)

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This perfume is designed by Maurice Roucel and is a limited edition. Hermes’ 24 is sold per ounce and the bottle is made of crystal and shaped like a square. With floral notes, this perfume smells light. It comes in ounce because the smell lasts for a long time and not much is required to smell good throughout the day.

• Annick Goutal’s Eau d’Hadrien ($1,500)

Annick Goutal's Eau d'Hadrien ($1,500)

The fragrance of this perfume is mostly citrus because of the combination of Sicilian lemon, grapefruit, cypress, lemon and mandarin orange. It also contains ylang ylang extracts, and thus it gives a hint of flowers too. It has a refreshing smell, which helps in keeping your body all day fresh. Annick Goutal, the designer of this perfume created this scent drawing inspiration from the novel Memoirs of Haiden and his love for Tuscany.

• Baccarat Les Larmes Sacrees de Thebes ($1,700)

Baccarat Les Larmes Sacrees de Thebes ($1,700)

Baccarat is only the crystal manufacturer, who decided to come up with a perfume for its own brand. This perfume is a concoction of myrrh and frankincense and the perfume meant to have a middle eastern aroma. The Baccarat Les Larmes perfume bottle is made from pyramid shaped crystal and thus looks amazing.

• Chanel No. 5 ($1,850)

Chanel No. 5 ($1,850)

This perfume is a well-known perfume and is known to the world of high fashion. It was Mademoiselle Coco Chanel’s first ever perfume, with a strong smell of jasmine. This perfume has been around for decades and was sold free to some of Chanel’s most valued clients, but now it costs about $1,850.

• Caron’s Poivre ($2,000)

This small perfume bottle is designed by French perfumery Caron and can is used by men and women both. It has been around since the 50’s and has a top note of spicy pepper. Caron is well-known for having a mastery in perfumes. The scent smells amazing and putting on a few drops can leave a lasting impression on others.

• Clive Christian Imperial Majesty ($215,000)

Clive Christian Imperial Majesty ($215,000)

It is one of the most expensive perfume brands for women. It costs hundreds of thousands of dollars from the way the bottle is delivered. The collar of the bottle is made of 18-carat gold with five-carat diamond stuck on it. The whole bottle design gives a royal look. It is a limited-edition perfume with an amazing aroma.

The best and unique ingredients in these magical bottles give an enchanting smell, which sets them apart from the ordinary perfumes.

Want to make a good impression at the first meeting? Wear these magical perfumes!

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