Expert Natural Eye Makeup Tips For Girls With Brown Eyes


Do you have brown eyes? If yes then consider yourself lucky, because when it comes to eye makeup you don’t have a lot of rules to follow and can play with a huge array of colours. But when you are trying to create a natural look there are certain tips which might come handy and help you achieve that effortless look. Below we have mentioned some of the Expert natural eye makeup tips for girls with brown eyes. Follow these tips to make your eye makeup look more professional and effortless.

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1. Go for earthy and natural tones- It is very important that you pick out eyeshadows depending on not just your eye colour but also your skin tone. The main idea should be to stick to the basic neutral and earthy shades such as browns, taupe, peach, mauves, white (If you are very fair), etc. Also while choosing the mascara and the liner keep the colour of your hair, eyebrow and eyelashes to achieve a natural look. For example, if your eyebrows are dark then opt for black mascara and liner. But if you have lighter eyelashes and eyebrows then brown mascara and eyeliner would suit you better.

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2. Stay away from metallic- Though a little shine would look great on your eyes, too much of metallic will look fake and made up. If you are going for a party look then you can definitely go for bronze or gold eyeshadow. But when you are opting for a natural look then you should avoid using any metallic or glittery eyeshadows. If you still want a splash of shine, then you can use a gold metallic shade in the inner corner of your eyes near the tear duct.

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3. Also keep in mind your undertone- All of us have a skin undertone. You might have a cool undertone which means you have more pink in your skin or you may have a warm undertone which means you have more yellow in your skin or you may also have a neutral undertone which means you have both pink and yellow base to your skin. When choosing an eyeshadow or eye makeup in general you must keep your skin undertone in mind. For example, if you have cool or pink undertone you should opt for eyeshadows which have a slight pink undertone to them. For those who have a warm undertone should go for shades which have a golden or yellow tinge to them.

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Key points to keep in mind:

  •  Always use an eye primer before you start with your eye makeup. The eye primer will ensure that your eyeshadows show up really well and last all day long. The makeup application is also much smoother and effortless.
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  •  Make sure to invest a good eyeshadow palette if you love doing eye makeup. There are several eyeshadow palette available in the market which is designed especially for warm and cool undertones. So you can choose the one which suits your skin.
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  •  For an effortless and clean makeup look, you need makeup brushes too. Palettes usually come with those useless sponge tips which are of no use for the makeup application. Invest in a good quality eye makeup brushes set which will last you for years.
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  •  If you want to attract light to your eyes and make them look bigger, apply a nude colour eyeliner on the waterline of your eye. Also, apply a light shade on your lid area and in the inner corner of the eye near the tear duct.
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