First Night Wedding Tips No one Will Tell You!


A very happy wedding day to all brides! Now comes the tough part – You are having first night jitters! If Bollywood is to be believed, chances are you will have unbelievably orgasmic wedding night, almost effortlessly. It may happen but with these first night wedding tips that no one will tell you!

1. You Would Be Famished

 You Would Be Famished

There are chances you and your groom have skipped at least 3 meals because of those never-ending ceremonies. So, ask your bridesmaids to ensure they save something to eat for both of you as nothing good happens with an empty stomach!*wink*wink*

2. It May Not Be Perfect

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 It May Not Be Perfect

You may have put yourself and your partner on a pedestal when it comes to performing in bed. If this is the first time for both of you, please do not root for ‘perfect sex’ and it is okay to embarrass yourself a little. So, bring in your easy genes.

A Great Tip: Even if you both are experienced, here is a piece of truth you want to chew on : sex outside marriage and sex within the wedlock are entirely different.

3. It May Get Awkward

 It May Get Awkward

Your skimpy lingerie might just snap or you might forget to breath while kissing, or you might gawk, feel extremely embarrassed till the time your toes curl. It is okay. Love making isn’t a neat and clean surgical-precise process. It can be awkward, messy and hilarious.

4. You Can Say No

 You Can Say No

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Assert yourself if you don’t wish to do it right away or need some more time or you are not very comfortable with something. Make sure you are heard. It should be consensual, and you can say ‘yes’ or can say ‘no’. Be vocal about it.

5. You Can Just Lie There And Talk

You Can Just Lie There And Talk

There is nothing more erotic than a good conversation. The first night is the most vulnerable and an intimate experience for both of you. It is all about both of you bonding over this night, making connection and getting rid of those ‘shy walls’.

A Tip For Establishing A Connection: Look into the eyes. Eyes are a gateway to the soul. Looking into a person’s eyes establishes a good rapport with your beloved.

A Tip For Establishing A Connection

So, lovely brides, relax! no one really knows the answer until they experience it!

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