Is Rasgulla Healthy? Find It Out!

Is Rasgulla Healthy? Find It Out!

The good old desi mithai, rasgulla is so famous that two states fight over its origin – West bengal and Orissa. Just like there exists a national flag, animal, bird-something like national dessert should also be there. And though the third and second places would be secured by payesh and payasam but the clear winner would certainly be rasgulla.

This light Bengali-cum-Oriya legacy dessert is made from a type of cottage cheese, semolina dough, and thin sugar syrup consisting of rose water and cardamom. Traditionally they were sold in earthen pots but now they are available in sealed cans too. You will hardly find anyone who consumes just one at a time!

Let’s Identify How Healthy It Is

A 100 gm serving of your beloved rasgulla contains about 186 calories. Their carb to fat to protein ratio is 9:1:1. One serving of rasgulla provides 9% of total calorie requirement in a standard 2,000 calorie diet.

The primary ingredients which go in the making of these delectable balls are cottage cheese and semolina. Hence it is obvious that it would derive the nutritional benefits from the same.

Let’s See Why Is Chhena Or Cottage Cheese Good For Health?

Chhena is made after the curdling of milk. And milk is a great protein source.

1. These Scrumptious Treats Are Good For Losing Weight

 These Scrumptious Treats Are Good For Losing Weight

A great news for weight watchers! As no frying is involved, this spongy treat serves a great low calorie option for people who are on their weight loss journey. The sugar syrup used to sweeten this Indian sweet has a runny consistency and hence low calories. No reason to say ‘no’ to this white spongy treat!

2. Eat Rasgullas For Stronger Bones And Teeth

Eat Rasgullas For Stronger Bones And Teeth

Chhena, the primary ingredient in rasgullas is rich in calcium and calcium support bone health. Vitamin D present in milk is bone-friendly too. Chhena supports heart health and aids digestion. So, now you can justify your craving and not feel guilty about gulping two or three down your throat.

3. This Sugary White Ball Is Good For Diabetes, Jaundice And Brain Function!

This Sugary White Ball Is Good For Diabetes, Jaundice And Brain Function!

Semolina, another ingredient used in making its dough has a low glycemic index which makes it suitable for consumption by diabetics as well. Some people say that chhena is good for people suffering from jaundice. It is rich in Vitamin B, including thiamine & folate, which gives you energy and support brain function.

#Diabetes-Friendly Tip: You can add Jamun pulp or aloe vera gel when the dough is being kneaded. Jamun is good for people having diabetes and aloe vera gel is good for almost everything. Don’t worry, it will only enhance the taste!

All in all, rasgulla is a guilt-free dessert and has great health benefits too. If you are looking for desserts which have even lower calories then you can try shrikhand, sandesh, ghia kheer.