Marriage Does Affect Your Health, Here is How!


The marriage vows go like “in sickness & health” and so on but what if matrimony itself helps to determine if you will be robust or ill? The size of health gain from a marriage alliance is remarkable!

A study “How Does Marriage Affect Physical and Psychological Health”, A Survey Of The Longitudinal Evidence suggests that “ Married people fare better in almost all arenas of life such as longevity, physical health, psychological wellbeing and above all happiness, compared to those who remained as bachelors/bachelorettes, however they do much better than those who endure the pain of separated, divorced & widowed.

1. You Will Be Less Stressed

 You Will Be Less Stressed

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Blood pressure issues, diabetes, heart disease, and even cancer crops up from being stressed. According to a study published in ‘The Journal Of Marriage And Family’ suggests that married couples have protection against the day-to-day stressors. In a happy marriage when a spouse has had a bad day, then both the partners would more likely support each other and this support puts up a good fight against stress and aids buffer against decline in health.

There goes your mental health leave.

2. Recover From Ailments Quicker Than Unmarried Folks!

Recover From Ailments Quicker Than Unmarried Folks!

Couples who are happily married tend to recover quickly from ailments as they have their partners by their side to take care of them, give them their medicines on time, accompany them to their doctors & pretty much do anything and everything under the sun to comfort their ailing partners. This emotional support does more than you can think and helps their partners to recover quickly.

Falling sick doesn’t sound too bad now! Eh!

3. Married People Age More Happily

Married People Age More Happily

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Married people do not have as many securities as unmarried people. Happily married people are aware that their partners tick all the boxes when it comes to providing for them. They don’t fall into the trap of “Will You Still Love Me When I Am No Longer And Beautiful” (Lovely song though!). They are sure that their bond is dead strong, and their physical appearance makes little difference! Hence, aging isn’t something that happily married couples frown upon.

Never thought marriage vows could secure a person to this extent!

4. Your Risk Of Dementia Is Lower

Your Risk Of Dementia Is Lower

You can significantly lower your risk of dementia & protect your brain by being hitched. This has been backed a scientific study which states “Happily married people have a 43% lower chance of developing dementia with age”. So, the next time you have a fallout with your partner and you think you may be better off solo, think again! Even by arguing over petty things they are keeping your grey cells active.

A blessing in disguise, ain’t it!

5. Your Sex Life Will Be Smoking Hot

Your Sex Life Will Be Smoking Hot

As per data from the ‘National Health And Social Life Survey’, Even if, you and your partner may not be able to fire up your bed all the time, but it will certainly be better than your single friends. They reported that 51% of married couples were extremely satisfied with their sex life, compared to 39% of people who were cohabiting and 36% of singles.

Hmm. Even an atheist speaks out god’s name in certain situations! You can’t doubt why!

The Downside Of An Unhappy Marriage

My wife & I were happy 20 years and then we met! This line doesn’t really paint a rosy picture of marriage. Chances are if you involved in an unhappy marriage, your stress levels would spike, thus your immunity will diminish. In some cases, you might end up picking unhealthy habits like smoking, drinking, drugs, extra marital affairs. Extreme issues may also trigger depression, worse still, suicide.

So, talk to your partner if you are facing a similar situation and try to figure out a way to resolve your problems and if it doesn’t happen, remember a single person who is surrounded by caring and supportive family and friends are better off than people who are stuck in such situations.

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