Issues: 9 Things Women are Not Allowed to Do in Saudi Arabia


Women are always subjected to discrimination and restrictions when it comes to equal rights all over the world. There are many cases that we have already seen on this issue. But after the news of Saudi Arabia‘s King Salman royal decree, there is a ray of hope for all the women residing there. On 26th September 2017, King Salman passed a decree which has given women the right to drive. And this news was not just a celebration for the women who reside over there but for all the women around the globe. Moreover, they even allowed girls to attend public schools plus they can also take part in sports this year.

Still, there are many restrictions on women in Saudi Arabia which are making their life hell.

1. No eating in restaurants

No eating in restaurantsImage Source: arabianbusiness

Women here are not allowed to eat in restaurants which don’t have a family section.

2. Minor legal status

Minor legal statusImage Source: rt
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The legal status of women in Arabia is equal to a minor which means they don’t have equal rights as men in the court of law. And the testament proof of men is equal to the same of two women.

3. Bank account opening issues

Bank account opening issuesImage Source: riyadbank

They have to take prior permission from the male guardian to open the bank account. Besides this, they also need to take permission for travel, medical procedure, passport and even to marry and divorce.

4. Socializing is not allowed

Socializing is not allowedImage Source: businessinsider

They are not allowed to talk and socialize with men who don’t belong to their immediate family.

5. No equal rights in inheritance

No equal rights in inheritanceImage Source: cdn77

According to the Sharia inheritance law, the daughter is entitled to only half of what the son is going to receive.

6. Law for custody

Law for custodyImage Source: mideastposts

In case of divorce, they can’t obtain the custody of boys till the age of seven and nine for girls.

7. Law for marriage

Law for marriageImage Source: timesofisrael

Muslim women cannot marry non-Muslim men and add on to this, Sunni women are also not allowed to marry Shia men and communist according to Islamic rules.

8. Bound to wear burqa

Bound to wear burqaImage Source: alarabiya
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Muslim women are bound to wear veil, burqa and abaya while going out or visiting any public place.

9. Get her character testified

Get her character testifiedImage Source: gulfbusiness

If a woman wants to start her business and want to apply for license or loan she has to get her character testified by two men.

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