PERIOD HACKS: 5 Amazing Hacks That Will Help You Feel Better During Period Pain



Periods is that time of the month when we feel helpless, moody and weak because of the cramps. And to recover from this unbearable period pain, we try out various remedies available on the internet and other possible sources as well. But not all of the remedies guarantee to relieve the pain. So, just to make you feel assured, we have listed some amazing home remedies that you can try to overcome this period pain.

Here is the list of remedies that will help you combat period pain:

1. Drink herbal tea

Drink herbal teaImage Source: mysticgreen
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Many people say that chamomile tea is quite beneficial for treating headaches, muscle spasms while other recommend peppermint tea which helps in minimising menstrual cramps and cooling the stomach. So, if you experience cramps then drink herbal tea and relax.

2. Avoid intense workout

Avoid intense workoutImage Source: theknot

There are no such rules that you have to exercise during periods. During periods your body needs ample rest as you are losing blood and tissues during the menstruation. But you can try some mild stretches as it will help to lift up your mood and decrease cramps.

3. Try hot water bath

Try hot water bathImage Source: psychologies

Warm water has the ability to calm down your cramps by temporarily relaxing the muscles and the system. So, when you experience cramps, try to have hot water bath or keep a heating pad to relax the cramps.

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4. Eat bananas

Eat bananasImage Source: baoquocte

Try to consume more potassium as it is responsible for muscle contraction and later it can lead to cramps. But thankfully bananas are cheap and easily available plus they are a great source of potassium that helps in fighting against the cramps. It also provides vitamin B6. Moreover, this fruit is beneficial in preventing water retention and bloating as well.

5. Avoid extreme diet

Avoid extreme dietImage Source: goodtoknow

It is very important to maintain the nutrition level of the body during periods so try to have a proper diet and avoid extreme diets. Eat whatever you feel like eating and don’t compromise on your food intake as your body needs vitamins, proteins and other fats that will help you recover from period pain.

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