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Night- blooming jasmine, Cedar from Virginia, Bourgogne black currant, Italian violet, Bulgarian rose, Florentine iris, Tonkin musk with cloves- a fine mixture of notes to make one go crazy about the perfume. Perfume enthusiasts need something new from time to time. For people who are very choosy about their perfumes, the departmental store perfumes are not enough. They need that extra edge when wearing a perfume that will define their class and set them apart from others. There are trend-setters and there are followers… The former finds new ways to flaunt their personality. They try different things to keep up with the trend and stay ahead of the fashion pack.

When searching for perfumes, there are a number of things to look for. Not just the fragrance, but the composition and concentration matter too. How long the fragrance would last is a question almost everybody has on their mind!

Be it a daily-use body spray or a Parfum meant for special occasions, how you smell really defines your presence in the social circle. has brought a wide range of classy perfumes just meant for those who like to do it different and follow their own lead. We have top-of-the-line brands and fragrances both from international and domestic fame. With a wide range of brands to select from, you have a complete flexibility in your options. Whether it is Eau de Parfum (EDP), Eau de toilette (EDT), body sprays, roll ons, cologne, musks or deodorants we provide you a generous collection in each one for both men and women.

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The glass bottles are just as stylish and enchanting as the fragrance itself. This year has introduced a new flurry of fragrances and we have made sure to provide you with the best ones. You need to know what kind of fragrance you are really looking for. There are many varieties both in terms of fragrance and concentration.


EDPs are considered to be one of the best fragrances both in terms of class and concentration. Check our website today only to find amazing EDP fragrances at unbelievable prices. From perfume designers Creed to Christian Dior, we have some of the best names in the industry. These perfume designers know how to get the perfect mixture of top and base notes to make a perfume. That’s why even being expensive, their creations are worth every single rupee. EDPs are known to last much longer because of their higher concentration of actual fragrance in the perfume.

On the other end, we have EDTs or Eau de Toilette fragrances that are more common among the general mass. These perfumes can be found almost anywhere- from departmental stores to supermarkets and alike. Be it Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci, Prada etc a top line array of fresh and chic EDT perfumes are waiting at our online megastore to be ordered. EDTs have comparatively less fragrance concentration than the Parfums but are very effective.


Apart from all these big names we also have fragrances that are quite economical and refreshing too. Being a brand, we want our customers to get the best out of the market at an unbeatable price. We make sure that we have a huge variety both in brands and types to suit each their own. From deodorants and body sprays to cologne musks and roll ons– all at a very affordable price. All this and more from the comfort of your home! We are providing exclusive offers on select fragrances. Check out our website today and avail the attractive offers.

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We assure high quality products as we have direct tie-up with the brands thus reducing the risk of duplicity and fraud. Our highly trained and experienced team always works keeping your best in mind. We are dedicated to serve you and always strive to make ourselves better each day. Visit our website and see for yourself the next step of online shopping experience.

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