How to Choose the Perfect Maternity Nursing Bras?


Motherhood is indeed the best phase of a women’s life. But before you get to hold your baby in your lap and transform into the legendary lullaby artist, your body undergoes exasperating changes. If it makes you feel any better, those changes are only temporary and will make you embrace the motherly side of yours. None the less, with all the hormonal and bodily changes going on, comfort should never be compromised with.

With proper maternity clothing and maternity nursing bras, you can easily cruise through your pregnancy without having to worry about the changes in your body. Basic changes that you can easily spot during pregnancy are your growing tummy, swollen feet and increasing bust.

What to do with the increasing bust?

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What to do with the increasing bust

If you normally wear a fashion bra size 34b, then chances are that during pregnancy, your size might go 36c or up. In fact, many women witness higher growth because of the development of the mammary glands.

It is totally normal to feel infuriated to find out that your carefully chosen fashion lingerie doesn’t fit you anymore. After all, in all those sentimental motherhood speeches, nobody mentioned that your bust was going to swell up! But, here you are, trying to figure how to provide ample support to your ever increasing bust.

The answer is MATERNITY BRA.

Maternity bra for the first trimester!

Maternity bra for the first trimester!

Giving up one’s fashion forward choices is, in reality, a great sacrifice but if you have already stocked your closet with a variety of maternal clothes and breast feeding bras, there is no point using the usual fashion brassiere during your trimesters. Maternal clothing is specifically designed by specialists for pregnant women to provide proper support, convenience and ease of movement to their bodies.

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During the first trimester, you wouldn’t see many changes in your body until the 8th or 10th week when your bust size will start increasing. In the first trimester, maternal clothing except a comfortable nursing bra is not really a necessity.

For the second Trimester

For the second Trimester

The second trimester starts at 14 weeks which is officially the time for maternal shopping. At this point of time, you will see an impetuous rise in your bust line and gradual increase in your belly size along with an expanding rib cage… so be prepared to tackle the preggers body woes with the perfect clothing.

If you have avoided the maternity bra till now, it’s high time that you go shopping and get yourself at least 3 of them.

For the Third trimester

For the Third trimester

At 27 weeks, your official third trimester starts and along with the backaches, bust size still goes on increasing. Getting a well fitted maternity nursing bra with detachable panels and large straps for better support is ideal.

Figure out the right size?

  • Take a measuring tape and level it flat around your body, down your bust. This will give you your bra band size.
  • Take the bust measurement as you normally do for fashion lingerie.

You can take the help of a professional bra fitter if you can’t figure it out on your own.

During your pregnancy, your bust size will see continued growth so in the 10th week, buy a couple of maternity nursing bras with at least 4 pairs of hooks or eyes on the back. Make sure that the first pair of eye is the perfect size and 3-4 other are left for you as this will give your bust enough room to expand in the coming couple of weeks and go shopping again 4 weeks later.

Underneath are some tips that should help you out in picking the right bra for you.

  1. For a maternity bra, make sure that it is made of cotton fabric as it absorbs sweat.
  2. Buy the one whose cup covers your bust fully and is not too tight but provides plenty of support.
  3. Check the straps and buy the one with adjustable and wide straps.
  4. Say no to underwire bra.
  5. For a nursing bra, check that there is a detachable patch over the nipple area on the cup.
  6. Check again for easy clip opening so that you don’t have hassle with your bra every time you feed your baby.
  7. Remember that Nursing bra and maternity bra are two different things and should not be mixed at all (for you own comfort and health only).

Now, there is one more thing that you need to know that, maternity and nursing bras actually cost way higher than regular innerwear but don’t be put off by it. There are few brands which provide you the perfect maternity bra and that in your budget also. Sona is one of those good brands.

So transform your pregnancy experience into a beautiful one with comfortable clothing and enjoy the most surprising phase of your life!

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