10 Incredible Health Benefits of Wearing Bindi You’ll Be Shocked to Know


If I have to draw the portrait of my mother, it would be incomplete if I miss out to put that Bindi on her forehead. And this is not the thing with only my mother, you can never envisage a traditional Indian woman without a Bindi.

As I grew up and started wearing ethnic very often, my mother used to insist me for wearing Bindi. I had no intention to oppose her orders (which were not really what you would call orders!) but belonging to the world of reasons, I tried to find a reason for- Why should I wear Bindi?

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So I dug a little deeper and started collecting facts and scientific revelations that state the Bindi is actually good for your health! So why to wait, let me just share those awesome benefits Bindi have on our health.

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Bindis are traditionally worn on the forehead, between the brows.

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1. Centre of revival and focus:
The place where we wear Bindi, right between our brows is the point where the major nerves of our body intersect. This is also the point of the sixth and the most important chakra, The Ajna Chakra. This point indicates awakening and if you have noticed, it is also the point where the third eye of Lord Shiva lies. The Hindu Mythology explains that when this point is stimulated it makes a person calmer and fortifies you against anxiety issues. If these points are activated to the fullest, the person can see the world which can’t be seen with our two physical eyes. If the spiritual benefits don’t convince you to wear Bindi, here are some amazing health benefits which will definitely make you feel like wearing a Bindi.

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2. Cures a headache:
The principles of acupressure explain that this point in the body is the doorway to get instant relief from a headache. The reason behind this fact is, this point has the junction of nerves and blood vessels which get immediately relaxed when massaged.

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3. Relieves sinus problems:
When you apply some pressure on a specific branch of the trigeminal nerve, which is responsible for circulating blood to the nose and the area around it, it gets stimulated. It increases the blood flow to the nasal passage and helps you relieve the nasal congestion, swelling, sinusitis.

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4. Fortifies your facial muscles and prevents wrinkles:
This the jaw-dropping benefit of wearing a Bindi. It stimulates the muscles of the face and increases the blood circulation to all the facial muscles. This paves the way to muscle retention, skin nourishment and wrinkle prevention. Moreover, this point also contains supratrochlear nerve, which means pressure applied on this point will also make your skin look radiant and supple.

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5. Eases out Bell’s palsy:
Bell’s palsy is a condition in which a person’s face gets paralysed. Massaging this point have enormous benefits for those suffering from this disorder. When you massage this point, the procerus muscle present just between the brows gets stimulated. This muscle is joined by the branches of the temporal nerve that consists of nerve fibres of cranial muscle five. It is the most important muscle when we’re talking about Bell’s palsy.

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6. Enhances the muscles of the eyes:
The point where we put Bindi on the forehead is directly in contact with the supratrochlear nerve. This nerve controls all the muscles which surround the eyes and helps them to move in different direction. These are the muscles which are responsible for us seeing both nearby and distant objects clearly. So you can clearly make out now how Bindi is helping you with your eyesight

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7. Improves your hearing:
The nerve which feeds the muscles of our face is also responsible for stimulating the most important part of our ear, the cochlear. Stimulating this point prevents hearing impairments.

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8. Lessens fine lines between your brows:
As the age proceeds, the fine lines between the eyebrows is something which bothers women the most. But if you want to steer clear of these fine lines, massage the spot where you put Bindi, once daily. As I’ve already told you, this is the point where the procerus muscle is placed. Increased blood flow to this muscle will cease the appearance of these lines on your forehead.

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9. Quietens your mind:
The Ajna Chakra, which I’ve mentioned earlier, between our brows, is damaged the most by anxiety disorders and stress. So wearing Bindi helps the muscles and nerves in this zone relax, thus calming your whole body. So for a relaxed mind and body, massage this area once a day.

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10. Relieves insomnia:
You must be shocked to know that, but the point where you put a Bindi is also helpful in easing insomnia. It calms your mind and relaxes the muscles of your face, neck and back. Ayurveda says mental stress is one of the major reasons behind insomnia. So combating stress by massaging this point for a few seconds can ultimately relieve insomnia.

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The material used to make the Bindi is also of great importance:
Apart from the position where you put Bindi, the material of the Bindi is equally important. In the ancient times, people used to apply Kumkum, Chandan or Ash tilak (Vibhuti) on their forehead. These are not only for the aesthetic purpose but have several health benefits as well.

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Kumkum is made up turmeric and lime. When turmeric is added to lime, the colour of the lime changes to red. This is an excellent remedy for a headache. It soothes the muscles of the forehead, thus providing relief from a headache. It is hygroscopic in nature, so it absorbs all the water or the mucous collected in the head. It is also anti-bacterial in nature, which keeps infections away.

Chandan is well known for its cooling properties. It cools down the nerves below the forehead. It soothes the mind and cool the entire system of our body. The forehead is the most sensitive area as all the major nerves converges here. If you’re suffering from a headache due to the sun, you can apply Chandan Bindi on your forehead.

Ash is yet another commonly used substance for putting Bindi. To make this type of Bindi, certain material is burnt and the ashes are redeemed to be put on the forehead.

So, will you say ‘No’ this time when your mom will ask you to put a Bindi? I guess, no!

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