10 Unknown Types of Headache You Should Keep in Mind


Everyone suffers from a headache that goes on and off or the one which just doesn’t go. You know how terrible they are or how terrible they can be. Some headaches shouldn’t be ignored and need immediate medical attention.

So you need to know what types of headaches are there and how serious they can be.

1. Caffeine headache
So all the coffee lovers should be raising their hands right now. What happens when you miss your cup of morning coffee? Yes, that headache. It is a caffeine headache. It starts behind the eyes and extends to the forehead. Caffeine withdrawal, overdose, sensitivity or allergy can also be the reasons.

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2. Chronic Headache
If you experience a headache which is just like a daily affair. This type of headache persists for 15 days to three months.

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3. Cluster Headache
This headache occurs in a cyclic pattern. It feels like a cluster on one side of the headache which extremely traumatizing pain. Sometimes, eye-watering, nasal congestion, and swelling around the eyes can also be seen. It continues up till weeks to months.

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4. Dental Headache
Any trauma caused to the trigeminal nerve (one of the largest nerve in the head) can cause headaches and toothaches. Some dental problems like muscle clenching and jaw tightening can lead to headaches.

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5. Early Morning Headache
People who suffer from early morning headache experience doomed mornings. If you suffer from early morning headache, then consult your doctor immediately. It can be due to a brain tumour, depression or migraine disorder. Some of the other reasons are lack of sleep, dehydration or caffeine.

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6. Sinus Headache
Sinusitis is inflammation of air spaces in our skull. The sinus pains are marked by throbbing pain in the upper face. Sinusitis can be treated with proper medications.

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7. Emergency Headache
If you ever suffer from a sharp headache within a minute, seek immediate medical help. It signals the rupture of a blood vessel in your brain. This condition is called brain aneurysm. If it is followed by confusion, dizziness, memory loss and loss of balance, it can also be a sign of brain tumour or stroke.

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8. Menstrual Headache
Due to certain shifts in the level of a female hormone called estrogen, you can suffer menstrual headaches during that time of the month.

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9. Migraine
Migraine is said to be the big daddy of all the headaches. Migraines are often started by sensitivity to light, sound and smells. It is also accompanied by nausea and vomiting in the worst cases.

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10. Orgasm Headache
This is a strange type of headache that some people face while having sex. This headache develops as the sexual excitement increases. Most commonly it triggers off just before an orgasm.

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