Why Does Women’s Skin Glow During Their Pregnancy?


“Oh, you’re glowing!” Every pregnant woman must have heard this phrase once or twice during her pregnancy.

But does this actually happen or is this just our disbelief? Do women really get a warm blushy glow on their face when they’re expecting or is it just a way to cheer them up? Let the experts answer this question.

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Experts believe that there are many physiological changes that occur in a woman’s body when she’s having a baby in her womb. These changes do contribute to the way she looks. This ‘Celebrated’ glow hits a woman in the second trimester of her pregnancy. Blood flow is also boosted up in a pregnant woman, which contributes to her rosy pink cheeks during that face. In fact, a woman goes through tremendous hormonal changes when they’re pregnant. These hormones boost up the facial glands to secrete more facial oil. This makes their skin shiny and blushed naturally. So this is the reason why a pregnant woman has that divine glow on their face.

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But this is not true for every case. You might come across many women who go through extreme skin conditions when they are expecting. The reason is the same as the one which causes pregnancy glow. Due to an upsurge in hormones, oil production in boosted in pregnant women. This can cause acne and blackheads issues in mothers-to-be. If you’re one such woman, then ditch your regular cleanser and switch to an oil-free cleanser.

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Sometimes, some women also experience a skin condition called Melasma which involves hyperpigmented skin and brown patches on the skin. Though, these patches vanish away 3-6 months after childbirth. It is advisable that the expecting women should always wear sunscreen whenever they step out of their house. Wear a zinc oxide sunscreen or an SPF higher than SPF 30.

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