5 Brilliant Ways to Take Care of Your Bra


Just the way you take extra care of your clothes you must take care of your innerwear too (especially your bras). Today I am going to share with you some of the important tips to keep in your mind while handling and storing your bras. I hope the below-mentioned tips will be helpful.

1. Avoid securing your bra in the second or third hooks- It is best to secure the bra in the first hook/the one which is closest to the other side. This is so because securing the bra in the second or the third hook stretches it thus compromising on the original shape of the bra. But when you secure the bra in the first hook you are retaining its shape by keeping it in its natural shape.

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2. Avoid wearing a bra while sleeping- Several studies have proved that sleeping without clothes/naked at night helps in detoxifying the skin while letting the body breathe well. Sleeping with a bra on at night is not only uncomfortable but it also hinders your blood flow. The stitching of the bra also gets affected. Thus it is better to sleep without a bra on.

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3. Hand wash your bras- If you are used to washing your bras in the washing machine then you should immediately stop doing it. Washing bras in the washing machine can hamper the shape and life of them. It is always best to hand wash your bras. The best way is to soak your bras in a liquid detergent and warm water for 20-25 minutes. You can also add a few drops of antiseptic liquid too to the soaking water. After the bras have soaked, gently rub and rinse them under flowing water.

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4. Dry your lingerie in sunlight- This one applies to all your intimate wear. This process of drying is recommended because the sunlight kills all the germs that might be present on them. After washing your bras, gently squeeze out the excess water from them and hang them on hangers to dry in the sunlight. Along with this, the sunlight will also help in getting rid of any odour that may have left even after washing the clothes.

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5. Store the bras properly- Storage of your bras is just as important in order to maintain the shape, quality and life of your bras. Nowadays there is a lot of variety to choose from when it comes to bra holders and bags. You can get the one which is suitable for you. storing your bras in these holders will ensure that bras are in proper shape and organized making it easier for you to reach out for the particular one you are looking for.

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