Should You Drink Tea After Eating Fruits? Let’s Find Out!


Drinking tea after eating any fruits depends on the type of fruits you consume. Fruits are no doubt one of your best health companions that effectively help meet the important nutrients required by your body. But what about consuming tea after eating fruits? Well, the timing of fruit consumption is an important aspect to get the maximum benefits out of it. Some fruits are very high in citric acid and so drinking an acidic tea, for example, different versions of black tea and green tea, might cause too much acidity in your body. But, for most fruits, a cup of oolong tea, white tea, or black tea is a perfect pairing which can surely be consumed after eating any fruit. Finally, fruits are popular foods for breakfast and so is tea. One may have tea after eating the fruit, which clearly indicates that the tea is good to consume after eating fruits.

The only possible negative nutritional impact is that there are some pieces of evidence that drinking tea after fruit consumption might inhibit iron absorption, but even it is unlikely to be the issue of main concern for most of people. And even if it is there, it would not be an issue with fruits because most of them contain vitamin C that enhances iron absorption, nor it tends to be high in vitamin C to start with.

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Which fruits and teas should you pair?

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Many fruits are acidic in nature. You do not want to experience the acidity in your digestive system. So, it is suggested to complement acidic fruits with some acidic teas. Other than this great rule of thumb, other combination would work well.

  • Acidic fruits like oranges, strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, blueberries, and mango are best paired with mild white tea or smooth green tea.
  • Non-acidic fruits, such as banana, mango, apple, pineapple, peach, plum, apricot, etc., are best paired with chai tea or fruity black tea
  • All fruits pair best with iced tea, especially, cool brewed iced tea, which comparatively has low acidity.

Best time to drink tea

With so many wonderful teas across the world to choose from, how to decide which type is best to drink? Well, you might be versatile and like drinking many different types of teas in one day. The reality is that it is actually a matter of looking for the right kind of teas to match the requirement of the day. It is really important when you have a tea of your choice in the day. So, it is important to find out the best time for drinking tea.

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  • Avoid tea right after meal: Tea is rich in tannic acid which reacts with the iron and protein content of foods. As a result, this chemical prevents the absorption of the components. Therefore, you should avoid drinking tea right after your meal. It is true that the best time to drink tea is never after you having a meal.
  • Have white tea in the morning: To start your day, experts suggest that you can try having white tea. It is known to have mild aromatic properties with good flavors, which might be pleasant in the morning than having something during day. Unlike having green tea or black tea on empty stomach, white tea does not cause discomfort before your breakfast.
  • Don’t drink tea when hungry: Drinking tea on an empty stomach might reduce the secretion of gastric juices and also decreases the acid and bile production in the stomach. It also affects your ability to absorb proteins and other nutrients and even hampers your appetite. This is exactly the reason you should not drink any type of teas when you feel hungry.
  • Go for black tea during lunch: Black tea is good with lunch for a number of reasons. To begin with, it is widely available in restaurants, which always makes it an easy go-to option at lunch. Also, it is less delicate, which often makes it little more resilient in the food service environment when water temperature could be variable. Moreover, the black tea would be definitely enjoyable when combined with food.

If you are not a tea lover, having too many cups of the tea in a day is not recommended. Start little slowly, choose a tea in a day and continue searching on how each drink makes you feel. Tea is a wonderful drink which offers a number of benefits and numerous possibilities for exploration.

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