Can We Drink Black Tea On Empty Stomach?


It is better to have tea after snacks and meals as this would help in digestion and activate the metabolism to break down foods.

Tea is usually good for your overall health and consuming black tea might result in healthier living if it replaces the other sugary drinks in your daily diet. This will definitely result in a reduction in the amounts of calories and sugar in your daily intake that will result in a healthy body mass index in long term depending on the age, health conditions, etc.

Green tea helps activate your metabolism and also increases your overall metabolic rate which ultimately results in the fast burning of fat and calories daily. Read this article to know if drinking black tea is good on empty stomach.

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Black tea is also very good for your health and does not have similar efficacy as green tea and so it is recommended to combine black tea and green tea for good health.

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Drinking black tea on empty stomach

Black tea is an important part of your daily diet. Most of the people begin their day with a cup full of this tea. As it is rich in caffeine, it helps in preventing lethargy and also increases mental alertness in the early morning. A cup of this tea in the early morning would help focus on your task. There are many people who can’t work without their tea. This “bed tea culture” also includes the black tea as it is very strong and robust.

A few studies revealed that consuming tea in the early morning could be very hazardous. However, the reality is quite different. There are thousands of people in the world who begin their day with black tea, and they have not experienced anything wrong in their health. They feel much energetic in the morning and can focus on work, in a better way. There are several advantages of consuming this tea in the morning diet and some of these are mentioned below.

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Benefits of black tea

  1. The brew is well known for removing plaques from teeth. It also refreshes breath and protects the formation of cavities.
  2. Black tea has the unique ability to make your body more sensitive to the insulin secreted within the body. Due to this very reason, it is considered an amazing beverage for diabetics. But, patients must keep in mind to consume it without any sugar or milk, as this will disrupt its excellent properties.
  3. If you don’t like having plain water, you can switch to some iced tea. You can have this caffeinated mixture which would keep you recharged and hydrated throughout the day.
  4. The other benefit of black tea is that it is known for promoting natural fat burning within the body. Those who consume black tea on a daily basis can maintain a healthy body.
  5. Black tea rejuvenates and recharges the entire body without causing any side effects. It is an excellent beverage and a better alternative to coffee, which releases caffeine immediately. Due to this reason, your energy releases within a couple of hours. The gradual release of the caffeine is another benefit of the black tea, which helps stay focused for a long period of time.
  6. This tea is excellent for improving heart health. Research done in 2009 revealed that people who drank black tea early in the morning have a 21 percent less risk of suffering from a stroke. But, like any other ingredients, it is very good to take it in a moderate amount. Around 2-3 cups of tea are the ideal quantity.
  7. This particular variety of tea is well known for making your bones stronger and dense. Regular tea consumers are less likely to have osteoporosis because it improves overall bone density. It even inhibits the onset of severe arthritis.

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Start your morning with healthy substitutes

According to health experts, you should consume all alkaline drinks in the morning, such as buttermilk and lukewarm water, with some Himalayan pink salt. You could also start your perfect day with lime water and methi water to boost the immune system after hours of rest. A few drops of coconut vinegar and apple cider vinegar mixed with water, coconut water, honey, and aloe vera juice are good options. These drinks are better and healthier.

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