6 Little-Known Tips to Shop Online Safely


Online shopping has become too familiar and handy for us all for long but the current COVID-19 pandemic scenario has increased this practice manifold. As we’re advised not to step out of homes unless it is really necessary.

Now you must have seen that even our social networking websites are flooded with online shopping advertisements. But don’t get fooled by them. most of them are scams and imposters. The products shown on the websites are not exactly what you’ll get in real. So beware and follow these safety tips while shopping online.

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1. Shop from The Sites You Already Know
Familiarity does matter! Shop only from the sites you know thoroughly about. Don’t go for the new ones or the ones who offer impossible great deals. Don’t look for random sites on google as most of them are fake and deliver substandard goods.

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2. Look for the Padlock in the Address Bar
Go for the websites whose URL starts with HTTPS rather than HTTP. These sites have SSL which stands for secure sockets layer. In such websites, you will find a padlock next to the URL in the address bar. Experts say that you must shop from these websites only.

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3. Don’t Use Public Wi-Fi to Shop Online
When you’re accessing free Wi-Fi, refrain from shopping online. It can be tempting as you can save on your bandwidth. But making online transactions while using the public Wi-Fi can make you vulnerable to hackers. The account details and passwords you enter can be tracked by the hackers.

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4. Strong Password
Choose random numbers of a combination of letters instead of picking up simple names or anniversaries for your passwords. Change the passwords to your online transactions every once in a while. Using One Time Password (OTP) is the best alternative during online transactions.

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5. Be Careful While Using Mobile Wallets
Keep your wallet balance to a minimum while using mobile wallets. These e-wallets are more prone to hackers. Some mobile wallets will also ask you to save your card details for quicker transactions. Refrain from doing such thing.

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6. Delete Your Personal Data
If you’re selling your old mobile phone, then make sure that you delete each and everything from the device completely. Factory reset your complete mobile phone. Even deleting might not delete your personal data completely. Add some heavy videos and songs and then delete the data with the help of the factory reset. This way your personal information and data won’t be leaked.

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