Skinny Jeans Are Harmful For Your Health


Skinny jeans do no good to your health. Seriously, incidents where skinny jeans have posed actual threats on people’s heath. In worst case scenarios, it can land up people into an ER of a hospital.

Here’s a real life scenario which narrates how damaging skinny jeans can be for you if you wear them for long. A 35-year old woman wore skinny jeans all the time while she was shifting her house.
She felt a tingling sensation in her legs but chose to ignore it and kept on doing her work. But she got her blood circulation cut off in her legs and her condition grew so terrible that she landed up in a hospital. She was not able to walk for 4 days.

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That was an extreme case. This doesn’t mean that it can’t happen to you. If you keep overlooking the ill-effects of tight fitting clothes on your health, it won’t take that long to land you up in the worst case scenario. Tight fitting jeans when worn for a longer period of times, can cause Urinary Tract Infections.

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If you already know the harmful effects of skinny jeans and still you choose to wear them, then there are certain things which you keep in your mind to stay safe.

1. Wear them as long as they comfort you
If you feel something uneasy about your skinny jeans, don’t wear it for the day. You need to give up on anything that’s making your body hurt. You need to change your habits. Sometimes, just give up on those tight fitting jeans and dare to wear anything loose and more comfortable like dhoti pants or palazzos for a day.
There is nothing wrong in worrying about your health.

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2. Say NO to them while workouts
If you’re going to hit the gym in tight fitting jeans, then this is a no-brainer for me. You can wear skinny jeans for the normal occasion without any issue. But if you’re going to squat wearing tight fitting jeans, then you better be prepared for the health issues you’re going to face sooner. Skinny jeans are not the thing to wear when doing any physical activity. Even while doing the activities which require physical movement, you shouldn’t wear jeans. Which means no skinny jeans to the gym or jogging.

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3. Wear them when your body structure allows
If you’re a bit on the bulkier side and like to wear skinny jeans, then my friend, you should try to lose some weight. Extra flabs on the legs and wearing skinny jeans, this is the most lethal combination ever. You can indulge in some physical activities and eat a balanced diet to shred some pounds. Get in shape and fit into your favourite pair of jeans.

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4. Choose fashion trends wisely
Don’t ignore the things your body is trying to tell you. There are many instances where wrong goes to worst just by ignoring the tell-tale signs of our body. Unfortunately, most of the women disregard their bodily signs and are more concerned about looking good.
We should have a close look at what fashion trends we are following for the sake of looking good. If not paid attention to at the right time, we can end up damaging our health in long run. We can take an example from the story of this woman and make a will to not to wear skinny jeans for too long.

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