5 Best Tips to Get Pink Lips Naturally


Did you see that the lips are the first thing to get affected due to harsh weather? Conditions like dehydration and pollution result in pigmented and chapped lips.

Having beautiful pink lips without any makeup is dream. To help make the dream come very true, we have 5 home remedies to have natural pink lips naturally.

1. Exfoliate lips with sugar scrub and honey


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One of the main causes for the lips turning dark is deposition of dead cells. Natural lip scrub is effective in removing dead skin to get soft as well as smooth lips.

Brown sugar is mild on lips and also exfoliates it without causing any discomfort. Sugar is very rich in antioxidants that prevent lips from damage from sun. Sugar has glycolic acids that conditions the lips and also prevents them from environmental toxins.

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2. Use rose milk and petals


Rose petals lighten and soften your lips. Along with the milk, it works as an excellent remedy for discoloration and also repairs of dark as well as patchy lips.

The milk and rose petals are moisturizer. The rose extract keeps the lips for healthy hydration as well as health. The natural oil present would keep lips protected and soft.

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3. Apply turmeric pack and milk


Turmeric is a great Ayurvedic ingredient that helps in curing the pigmentation. But the turmeric’s use isn’t restricted to the skin brightening. Turmeric with milk is often used for treating your dark lips.

Turmeric and milk will help in removing the pigmentation and also help in providing pink lips. Scrubbing this paste helps in removing all the dead cells.

4. Apply beetroot juice


If you have consumed beetroot, you must have noticed that this turns from tongue to pink. Beetroot has red pigments that help in making lips pink.

Besides having the natural red pigments, beetroot acts as the natural exfoliating agent. Also, if you rub it on your lips, it will help in removing all the dead cells and lightening your pigmented lips.

5. Apply ghee on lips


While most of remedies to get pink lips focus on providing nourishment to the lips, it is a way that will work for you if you own dry and dark lips. This seems like it has nothing to do with lips, but it much works to repair your lips.

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