7 Great Hacks to Boost Hair Growth



Every woman wants to have luscious, long and shiny mane, but for most of the woman, this is an age long dream that never comes true. There are many remedies and treatment available to boost hair growth. However, not all of them provide positive results. So, in this article, we have shared some hacks to boost hair growth naturally and quickly.

1. Massage your dry scalp

Massage your dry scalpImage Source: huffingtonpost

Try to massage your hair as it helps in stimulating blood flow. And, as a result, the key nutrients reach your hair follicles quickly.

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2. Wet hair massage

Wet hair massageImage Source: livestrongcdn

Head massage while taking a shower is the best way to start your day. Just massage your scalp with fingertips while taking shower, starting from the back of your neck.

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3. Trimming

TrimmingImage Source: cherishmyhair

To grow your hair faster, go for regular trim as it helps in getting rid of spilt ends that damage your hair later. So, try to get a trim every six to eight weeks to boost hair growth.

4. Use conditioner

Use conditionerImage Source: salonsleek

You might have always heard that conditioner is good for your hair health. Just like shampoo, it is required to cleanse your hair. A conditioner helps to restore the shine and health of your hair. Just make sure that you use the one, which suits your hair.

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5. Rinse your hair with cold water

Rinse your hair with cold waterImage Source: diyhealthremedy

This simple hack can really help in improving the state of your hair. After getting done with regular shampoo and conditioning, soak your hair in cold water. This will help in preventing loss of moisture. And it is advised to avoid hot water while washing hair as it makes your hair dry and weakens them.

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6. Avoid heat styling tools

Avoid heat styling toolsImage Source: thetrendspotter

The hair styling tools require a lot of heat to style your hair, which later damages your tresses by making them weak and brittle. So, it is recommended that you use heat protectant before using these styling tools.

So, these were the few hacks to boost hair growth.


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