Those Captivating Green Eyes- The Truth About them!


Your eye color reveals a lot about your true self. Just gaze into a person’s eyes and you can get to know so much about them.

Green is one of the rarest eye color and only 2% of the world population has green eyes.

Green eyed women have been considered attractive since early days. There are many other characterstics that green eyed people share. Let’s have a look at them

1. They are good listeners

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They are good listeners

Not only are they good speakers but also good listeners. They are very attentive, perceptive, and curious about things. You will find green eyed people really confident and this confidence comes from the fact that they are spontaneous and have a lot of self belief. It is this confidence which makes them interested in other people’s lives and problems because they think they will be able to help others and get them out of the problem.

2. They are very curious

They are very curious

You will see children with green eyes very curious and even when they grow up they are very curious. They like to know about everything and they want to know about everything. They have this unquenching desire to get knowledge from wherever they can. This knowledge makes them creative and ingenuous. You will notice that green eyed people ask a lot of questions whether they are at school or at work. However not many people welcome this trait of theirs since they find it irritating to be questioned about anything and everything.

3. They are considered to be devious

They are considered to be devious

In the above two points we talked about their good points so it only makes sense to reveal some of their negative points as well. They are very impulsive and are considered mischevious and devious. People do find them attractive but they keep their intentions secret. But they are good to be around since they are so self aware and are very humorous.

4. Green eyed people are mystical

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Green eyed people are mystical

They are mystical probably because of their curious and charismatic personality. You may have seen that people who play mystical roles in movies have green eyes. And this is how green eyed people are perceived. They are also very independent and self sufficient so it makes them stand out.

5. Yes, they are Jealous

Yes, they are Jealous

You must have heard the phrase “Going green with envy” . Yes, it holds true for green eyed individuals. They are jealous, more jealous than their brown eyed counterparts. These people are passionate, jealous and impulsive.

6. Not to forget that they are passionate

Not to forget that they are passionate

These people are like dew in the morning sun. They are so beautiful that they captivate people with just a glance leaving them in a maze of lust and passion. The shade also changes depending on the mood of the person and the weather. Even when you read poems and all you notice that passionate characteristics are attributed to green eyed characters and this translates equally well in real life

7. These people are very creative

These people are very creative

Most people with green eyes are talented and creative. They will have a very different, unique and new approach to situations and the have a very expressive way to deal with people. Deep within they are very creative and their perspective about most things is very innovative.

8. Green eyed people are self-absorbed

 Green eyed people are self-absorbed

We don’t know the reason why but they have a very self-absorbed character. This is why they are perceived as deceitful, cheaters and selfish. But a lot depends on how they are nurtured since childhood since behaviour is a function of both nature and nurture.

9. They are very vibrant

They are very vibrant

Just like their eye color, their personality is also vibrant. They are cheerful all the time and that is why people around them celebrate their presence. This makes them feel admired and desired. So, they are very lively and vibrant in social situations. These people are lovable and admirable.

10. They are beauty with brains

They are beauty with brains

These people have great analytical skills and combined with their creative personality they get a very clear outlook on life and things. Most green-eyed individuals are clever, witty, well-spoken and with a great perceptive power that most of us are not endowed with. Their far sightedness makes them a winner at school or work.

So green eyes are considered as sexy, alluring, and mysterious. Most people describe green eyed people as sexy. A lot of people even want to change the color of their eyes to green. Green eyes have a balance of melanin which makes them dominant and agreeable like those with brown eyes and also cautious and strong like those with blue eyes. People with green eyes have an air of mystery and self-sufficiency about them. These people are unpredictable and do not get angry easily. They are creative, original and perform well under pressure.

This is about the personality traits of the green eye people. Let us now talk about some celebrities with green eyes.

Famous People with Green Eyes

• Amanda Seyfried

• Emma Stone

• Kristen Stewart

• Hayden Panettiere

• Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge

• Jon Hamm

• Drew Barrymore

• Claire Danes

• Channing Tatum

• Lindsay Lohan

• Elizabeth Oslen

• Alicia Silverstone

• Alex Pettyfer

• Rooney Mara

• Amanda Bynes

• Milla Jovovich

• Jennifer Connelly

• Ann-Margret

• Scarlett Johansson

• Kate Hudson

• Julainne Moore

Green eyes are definitely real beauty. Hope now you are aware of all the personality traits related to green eyes and also about the celebrities with green eyes.

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