Hair Care Hack: 5 Hair Care Routine to Follow During Morning


Washing your mane is very important part of your hair care routine. But, doing that in the right way is also important. It is said that on an average you should spend only 15 minutes for washing your mane. Besides this, there is one more question that many women ask, how many times we should wash our hair in a week? Well, the answer to this question is very simple, just wash your mane as and when required. The time when you feel that your hair is getting greasy, then wash off your mane. Along with that, you also need to follow some basic hair care routine to maintain the health of your mane. So, here we have listed some hair care routine to follow during morning especially on the day when you are planning to wash your mane.

1. Applying oil to your hair

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Oiling is a very important part of a hair care routine irrespective of the hair type. There are many people who suggest applying oil to hair during the night and wash it off next morning. But, what if you forget to oil your hair during the night? Well, you don’t need to worry as you can apply oil to your mane in the morning for an hour before you wash your mane. Trust us the results will be same as the overnight thing.

2. Shampooing is important

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Shampooing your hair is an important hair care routine. But, there is a saying that everything has a limit, and so does the shampooing. Always remember this fact that over shampooing your hair can make your hair brittle and dry. So, it is advised that you should take a small amount of shampoo while washing your mane. And it is suggested that you should massage your hair for 2-3 minutes while shampooing and then, wash it off using warm water.

3. Conditioning hair is a must too

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After shampooing your hair, conditioning your mane is also important. Before you apply conditioner, always make sure that the entire water is strained out from your hair. After that, apply conditioner to your hair in a downward motion and avoid applying it to your scalp. Now, let it sit for 5 minutes and wash it off with cold water.

4. Serum is the key to beautiful hair

Serum is the key to beautiful hairImage Source: womensrogaine

Once you are done with conditioning your mane, pat it dry. And once your hair is half dried, apply serum from the crown to the tips and leave it till it gets dry completely. While applying serum make sure that you take only a few drops of serum because an excess of it can make your hair greasy.

5. Keep your hair loose

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Always remember that you should never tie your hair after shampooing. Let it breathe because tying your mane can make it brittle. Still, if you want to tie your hair, so make sure that you loosely tie it with a rubber band or a clip.

Additional tips that will help you take care of your hair during summer

Hair Care Routine to Follow During MorningImage Source: azzurohairdesign

• Don’t wash your hair daily.
• Avoid excess use of styling equipment
• Avoid using a blow dryer on regular basis.
• Never comb your hair just after washing it.

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So, these were the few hair care routines to follow during the morning. Try them out and get beautiful hair naturally at home.

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