Amazing and Cool Hairstyles for This Rainy Season


Rainy season can actually damage your hair and can make them frizzy and dull. It’s the worse time for your hair, as during this time you mainly face scalp infections and dandruff . It is quite tough to maintain your hair in the rainy season thus it is important to adopt some effective hair care routine. In order to maintain healthy hair, ensure that your hair is tied up and doesn’t get wet when you step out in the rainy season. Want to know some amazing and cool hairstyles that you can try out this rainy season? Below are some hairdos for rainy season…

1. Ballerina Bun

Want to look adorable when stepping out in rain? Then, this hairstyle is for you! Just by swirling your hair at the back, you can create a cute little bun. You can make ballerina bun below the center of your head or can either go super low. It not only allows you stay modish but also helps in keeping your hair from getting wet.

Ballerina BunImage Source: hairdrome

2. Cuff Buns

A bun embellished with a metal cuff as a hair accessory! Isn’t this sound cool! Who will resist this hairdo in the rainy season! Just tie your hair and add a metal bun cuff on your top knot and create your own perfect hairstyle. Trust me! this hairstyle won’t take more than 3 minutes and yes it looks cool though!

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Cuff BunsImage Source: pinimg

3. Crown Braided Bun

This hairstyle can actually take a bit of your time, but it’s of worth! A hairstyle that is created with a braid and which creates a halo-like effect is a must-try. This will actually make you look sophisticated and fashionably elegant.

Crown Braided BunImage Source: cutegirlshairstyles

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4. Double Buns

If you are ballsy enough to take on a cool hairstyle? Then, try double buns. Getting late for a concert on a rainy evening? Try this hairdo by tying your hair with a cute elastic band, as the two little cute buns actually look uber stylish.

Double BunsImage Source: ytimg

5. Side Hairstyle

Want to dress up for a party or some occasion? Try side hairstyle and add some flowers or other hair accessories to the look. This hairdo is adorable and one of the perfect hairstyles for the rainy season.

Side HairstyleImage Source: wapsite

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6. Scarf Hairstyle

Scarf hairstyle is an evergreen hairstyle and yes, it is one of the most desired hair stylists. They not only create a style statement but also save your hair from hair fall during the rainy season.

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Scarf HairstyleImage Source: ytimg

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7. Pretzel Bun

This hairstyle is an upgrade version of your regular chignon hairstyle. Pretzel bun is usually tied on one side and is created below the center of the head. This messy bun has become the best choice when it comes to wedding hairdo.

Pretzel BunImage Source: unileverservices

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So, these were the 7 Easy to Do Hairstyles for the Rainy Season

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