Have You Tried Washing Face With Lemon Tea? Here’s Why You Should!


Washing your face with those fancy face washes and moisturizing it afterward, is not enough to get rid of the impurities sitting deep in your pores. All the extra efforts made by you will simply go in vain if you don’t detoxify your skin thoroughly. The face is the crucial part of our body when it comes to giving a unique identity to our persona.

So what special should you be doing for your face? Yes, of course, healthy eating habits will always keep you away from skin problems. But apart from that, you need to do something extra special to pamper your skin. The beauty products available in the market come with all type of artificial ingredients which are no good for your skin.

So that’s where the significance of lemon comes into play. Already introduced many times, lemon has citric acid and antioxidants which have multiple utilities for our skin. You must have heard about lemon tea? Yes, it tastes yummy and helps you in weight loss.

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But do you know about the recent trend on the internet which involves washing your face with lemon tea? No, I’m not talking about the sweetened lemon tea. There might be some reasons why washing face with lemon tea is considered good for our face.

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Here are some reasons why washing face with lemon tea is good:

1. It eliminates acne
Acne has become a pandemic. Nobody in the worst has been left untouched by the acne issues. Lemon juice has excellent anti-bacterial properties which help in eliminating acne. Lemon tea is highly effective in reducing the size of a pimple.

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2. It keeps oil away from your face
If oily skin is a problem for you, then you must definitely try this trick. Lemon juice is very effective in getting rid of the oil from the face. You can take the lemon tea in a cotton swab and gently wipe your face with it. It keeps the oil away from your face for hours.

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3. It improves complexion
Being in the sun too much lately? Don’t worry. Washing face with lemon tea or just swiping it over your face will help to improve your complexion. The lemon has excellent bleaching properties which eliminate the dark skin cells from the skin. While the tea is known for its antioxidant properties. It counteracts the damaging action of free radicals on your skin.

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4. It deep cleanses the skin
Lemon has been accepted worldwide as an excellent cleanser. You can use lemon tea as a cleanser to gently remove the impurities from your skin.

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So due to these reasons, you should definitely try washing your face with lemon tea. Try it to believe it!

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