De-Frizzing Hacks: 7 Hacks to Prevent Frizziness of Hair!


Hair frizziness is the most common problem faced by the women nowadays. Well, this trouble is caused because of the lack of the moisture and humid level in the hair. But you can overcome this and stay gorgeous with your luscious locks. In this post, we have shared some simple hair care hacks that will help you to de-frizz your hair.

1. Always use a shampoo which is free from sulphate and full of glycerin

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Before buying a shampoo remember to check its contents and make sure you buy the one which has the high content of glycerin as it helps in combating frizzy hair by hydrating it from inside out. And it also creates a protective layer over your hair to avoid breakage.

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2. Never skip conditioning

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Conditioning your hair is all about depositing the moisture to your hair or it will turn your hair from smooth to frizz. So, always find a conditioner which contains glycerine ( and other hydrating ingredients.

3. Apply hydrating mask once a week

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Applying hydrating mask on hair is very helpful for combating frizzy hair especially in the colder months as it helps to fill up the holes in the hair which cause frizz.

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4. Let your hair dry naturally up to 90 percent before blow dry

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Blow drying dehydrates your strands and makes it frizzy especially during winters because of less humid in the air. And if you have straight and slightly wavy hair then let your hair dry about 90 percent naturally.

5. Don’t forget to brush your hair regularly to distribute natural oils evenly

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Brushing and hanging head upside down helps in distributing the oils evenly on your scalp and hair which keeps your hair hydrated and also blocks the humidity.

6. If your hair gets wet in the hair then hair serum will help you out.

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There are chances that your hair might pouf out then at that time apply hair serum over the fuzzy areas and then secure it into a bun to keep the hair hydrated and to get a smooth finish.

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7. Cover your hair with a silk scarf before going to sleep

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Don’t let your cotton pillowcases suck up all the moisture from your hair. Wrap up your hair into a nice bun and then cover it with a silk scarf to maintain the moisture level.


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