7 Effective Home Remedies To Treat Malaria


Malaria is one of the world’s deadliest & widespread infectious diseases. This disease is caused by a plasmodium parasite transmitted from one person to another through bites of the infected female anopheles mosquitoes. The major symptoms of malaria are shaking chills and high fever. Apart from the medicines, there are some home remedies that help treat malaria.

1. Citrus Fruits


Citrus fruits are very much popular as immune-boosters. These are most commonly available in tropical regions. The richness of vitamin C in these fruits helps you to control fever and also stop the spreading of infection in your body. Oranges, lemon water, and sweet lime are the very good home remedies option for treating malaria.

2. Cinnamon

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Commonly known as dalchini in Hindi important household spice has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and antimicrobial properties that will help you treat the most common symptoms of malaria. The boiling water decoction of cinnamon with black paper powder can increase body absorption. You can add honey to enhance the taste. Drink this decoction twice a day for better action.

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3. Ginger


Ginger is a traditional herbal medicine useful for treating malaria. Its decoction will help you boost up your immune system and improve your recovery rate. Its antibacterial property will halt the disease progression and give relief. You can make a ginger decoction in hot water with the addition of some honey to increase the taste. Drink this twice a day for beneficial effect.

4. Grapefruit


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Grapefruit is available as an elixir and is very much effective for treating malaria. Its contains quinine will kill the plasmodium parasite in the body and is an effective medication for treating chloroquine resistant malaria patient. Having grapefruit daily can help you treat malaria and also improve the recovery rate. You should avoid eating grapefruit if you are already taking quinine medicines as it can affect the stomach absorption capacity of quinine.

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5. Basil


Commonly known as tulsi, basil is the most sacred plant in India. Basil has antibacterial property and various studies showed that its main constituent eugenol has an antimalarial effect and irradiates the infection from the body. It is found in all tropical countries and is an important ayurvedic medicine.

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6. Turmeric


Turmeric is the main household spice in every Indian hose. It will help you detox your body from the harmful toxins produced by the malaria parasite. It will also kill the malaria parasite and hence helpful for treating malaria infection. Its anti-inflammatory will help to reduce joint and muscle pain which is the most common symptom observed in malaria. Having a glass of milk with turmeric will be beneficial for treating malaria.

7. Apple Cider Vinegar


Just keeping a cloth dipped in diluted vinegar on your forehead for 20 minutes can help you reduce the fever caused by malaria. Drinking a glass of water with 1 teaspoon of apple cider vinegar regularly will help you treat nausea & vomiting.

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