How to Choose the Best Eyeliner According to Your Eye Colour


Wearing the same black eyeliner every time? This is not done! According to the makeup experts, one should wear an eyeliner according to his eye colour. Wearing the black eyeliner always is not a hard and fast rule. You can experiment with your eyeliner to find out which suits the best to your eye colour. Here we have devised a complete guide to find out which eyeliner will look flattering on your eye colour. Scroll down to know more…

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1. Hazel Eyes
If your eye colour is hazel, then black will definitely look good on you. But if you want something best for your eyes, then you can shift your interest towards the warm metallic gold eyeliner. Perhaps, gold eyeliner doesn’t go well with the everyday look. But for the party makeup, make no mistake about the gold eyeliner. The golden colour of the eyeliner will enhance the yellow flecks in the inner part of your iris. This will make your eyes look even brighter.

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2. Brown Eyes
Blue eyeliner has never left the runway ever since it came into vogue. The reason is, brown is the most common colour for eyes. Yes, it is true that you cannot wear electric blue for your office look. But the darker shade of navy blue will go well on a casual outing as well as an office meeting. The blue shades of the eyeliner will soften the warm brown shades of your iris.

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3. Green Eyes
If you have green eyes, then I must say that you have one of the most uncommon eye colours in the world. Purple eyeliner and green eyes are just like a match made in heaven. Make no mistake about a purple eyeliner. Though it is a bit uncommon shade in eyeliner, but you can easily get it through various online cosmetic stores. The red undertones of the plum will enhance the natural greenish hue of your eyes. Purple eyeliner is totally wearable during the daytime as well as the night.

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4. Grey Eyes
Grey eyes gesture towards a mystical world of stars and comets. So, for such a unique eye colour, a common shade of eyeliner just won’t go. Rock the contrast with a reddish-brown eyeliner. The winish hue of the eyeliner will make your eyes look brighter. It will also make your eyes look like a glass of merlot.

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