Some Useful Tips To Make Your Thin Hair Look Thicker



We all love the long, thick and shiny hair. And to achieve this, we use several items and treatments to get that awesome looking hair. But it is not always possible to get the desired results. But the question is, what we can do temporarily to get thick hair?

Well, we have found a solution for you guys that will make you look fab for your upcoming events and occasion.

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1. Create illusions with colors

Create illusions with colorsImage Source: squarespace

According to famous hair expert, Jack Howard it is very simple to make thin hair look thicker with colors. He explained that if you have lighter hair then it will make your hair look thin. However, adding darker colors to the hair add dimension and depth to the hair. This can be done with the clever placement of dark shades under your hair with the surface of a smart haircut. This optical illusion plays very well.

To this famous color director, Anna Short added that a few highlights are enough to add texture to the hair. Because more of it can make your hair look even thinner. She also said that the skin tone also plays a very important role in this process. If your skin tone allows then go for it.

2. Go for extensions and smart haircut

Go for extensions and smart haircutImage Source:  pinimg

Short also added that you can cut your hair with a thicker look. Like you can opt for a blunter cut instead of layered style as it provides volume to your hair. And she also said that don’t skip your regular trims as it keeps your ends strong and prevent the rough ends.

And of course, you can add extensions to look fab. This is the easiest and quick way to get thicker hair. And there is no need to add full hair extensions. You can just add it on both sides where you need volume to get an even and fab look.

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3. And don’t forget the products

And don't forget the productsImage Source:  pixfeeds

It is also suggested by the experts to use prep products so that you can get a perfect look. Remember to apply this before you dry your hair to get more volume. In addition, you can use a texturing product that will add more fullness to your hair.

Always remember that fine hair are more prone to damage so it is essential to have a nice hair care at home, says Anna Short. She also added that it is very important to ensure that you are not causing any damage to your hair while drying like blow dry.

There is an alternative to dry shampoo that you can use to add more volume to the hair without damaging it more.

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