How to Use Castor Oil to Treat Baldness?


Baldness is something that is not welcomed by anyone. It can take away your good night’s sleep. Excessive hair fall is the reason behind baldness. It can be caused by environmental factors or hereditary ones. Mostly, men are the victims to baldness. Mostly men start losing their hair while reaching their 40’s. Thus, what are the ways to prevent this? The expensive transplantation treatments come with no guarantee.

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Natural remedies are the first and the best ways to address any problem. So, here at khoobsurati, we’re going to tell you about a panacea remedy to decelerate hair loss. It is none other than the Castor Oil. This magical liquid has the potential to cure almost any problem. Let’s see how castor oil can cure our hair loss and balding patterns.

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? Improve Blood Circulation
You can massage castor oil in your scalp to improve the blood circulation to your roots. This will boost your hair growth and reduce hair fall substantially. A proper circulation of blood to the hair follicles is the key to healthy hair.

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? Prevents Hair Loss
Sometimes, the major cause of hair fall is the scalp infection. The castor oil has renowned antibacterial and antifungal properties. Regular use of castor oil can reduce the scalp infection and subsequently reduce hair fall. People who use castor oil regularly in their scalp rarely troubled by dandruff and other scalp infection.

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? Prevents Split Ends
Castor oil is known for thickening the hair shaft. Thus, it prevents split ends and hair breakage. If you have fine hair and damaged hair, then you’re advised to use castor oil regularly in your hair scalp. You will see the difference in a month itself.

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? Moisturize the Scalp
Castor oil is highly moisturizing. You can keep your scalp protected from dryness and itching by using castor oil regularly on your scalp. Even when you wash your hair, the castor oil coats your hair with a layer of moisture. It maintains the health of the hair shaft.

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How to Use Castor Oil for Baldness?
Castor oil is very thick in consistency. It will be very difficult to spread this oil in your scalp. Mix the castor oil with some other lighter oil to reduce the viscosity of the oil. If you have receding hair line, then apply the castor oil with a cotton swab soaked in castor oil on your problem areas. Leave it overnight. Wash the hair in the following morning.

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Castor oil can be a real saviour when you’re losing hair at such a speed. It is inexpensive and available at all the leading pharmacies. So, try this wonder remedy at home and forward it to your friends.

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