Are Kalonji Really Good For Hair Growth? What Experts Say?


There is a unique spice that carries multiple health benefits. From adding various flavor to your food to enhancing skin and hair health benefits; this great spice could do it all. kalonji is widely used as a natural remedy for bronchitis as well as diarrhea. With the development of medical science over years, several other health aspects of kalonji have come in the lime light.

1. Cures acne


If you are not getting results with creams for acne treatment, use using kalonji oil and sweet lime juices. Take half a spoon of the kalonji oil to the sweet lime juice and apply the mixture on the face. Do this twice in a day and then notice how acne disappears in a very short span of time. You could also heal the cracked heel through kalonji oil.

2. Checks hair loss

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The oil of the black cumin seed is excellent for preventing overall hair loss and enhancing hair growth. It provides your hair with enough moisture they require. It works by strengthening hair roots, so improving overall quality of the hair.

3. Boosts memory


Weak memory is very common among elderly people. But the problem can be prevented with kalonji seed. The spice is effective in boosting memory power, increasing concentration, and enhancing alertness in older people. Prepare a drink with these spice seeds.

4. Cures asthama


Asthma has now become a very common problem due to the growing pollution level. Running off to the hills or spending much on medicines is not the ultimate solution in such a case. What you can do is go for some home remedies to have relief.

5. Guarantees heart health

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One of the proven home remedies for better heart health is the nigella seed. The convenient way to use kalonji to get better heart health is consuming it with goat milk.

6. Regulated blood pressure


High blood pressure does not show any warning symptoms but can increase the overall risk of the heart attack and stroke. Some simple yet powerful home remedies might help control the blood pressure in better ways. It is a powerful home remedy.

7. Gives you strong teeth


kalonji is not only good for the health of teeth, it also benefits overall oral health. Moreover, from premature shedding of teeth to bleeding gums, this wonderful ingredient could really help in treating all those issues.

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