Kendall Jenner Shares Some Beauty Tips and Her Nighttime Routine


The highest paid supermodel Kendall Jenner is here to reveal her beauty secrets and we are all ears. She is nothing less than a trendsetter. We all want to know what she eats, wears, and how does she look uber chic at all times. Recently she was criticized when she spoke about her issues with acne but now has a clear and spotless skin. She has revealed all her beauty secrets that she picked up from her make up artist and feels less is more in the world of makeup

Kendall Breaking down her Nighttime Beauty Regimen

Kendall worked with a humidifier, experimented it and finally just loved it. Initially she picked it as it looked cool and had great reviews on Amazon.

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Apart from this, she applies eucalyptus and lavender with humidifier and then lazes around for the rest of the day.

Skin Care Regimen

Kendall makes it a point to wash her face in the morning and at night. She is obsessed with feeling and looking clean. After cleaning her face, she moisturizes her skin and uses a sunscreen with appropriate SPF to make sure that her skin remains hydrated and supple and does not become dry.

When she was interviewed as to which makeup tricks she learnt from her make up artist, she explains a highlighting technique which is so simple and can be easily done. She mixes creamy highlighter with powder to increase the glow.

Well, a lot of us may be aware of the tricks and tips and may be following them but the fact that Kendall Jenner uses them makes us all the more religious towards them. We are really thankful to her for sharing the beauty routines with us. So from the face masks that she uses to rehydrate her skin to powering down before going to bed, the tips from her seem legit.

Let us know the questions that were presented to Kendall and what she has to say about them:

Kendall Jenner

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What is your Nightly Beauty Routine?

KJ: It consists of washing my face before going to bed. Generally, I’m shooting and we have different makeup looks and it keeps on changing so I make sure to use Advanced Night Repair Concentrated Recovery PowerFoil Mask every week. It hydrates the skin and restores the brightness.

What are your tips to getting a good night’s sleep?

KJ: Turn off your phone and decompress before going to bed. This will help you get a good night’s sleep.

How do you relax before going to bed?

KJ: Watch some nice shows or something that sends you in a happy state. Laughing is always a great way to unwind from all the negativity of the day.

When you are travelling, how do you keep yourself hydrated?

KJ: When I’m on the move, I don’t wear makeup. And I make it a point to moisturize before going to the airport.

What is Your Nighttime routine?

KJ: It is simple. Wash the face, hydrate, drink a relaxing tea and chill.

What is the idea of a perfect night according to you?

KJ: It depends on the weather. But what remains constant is laughing and chilling

How to seem rested when you’ve not had a good night’s sleep

KJ: Sleep is a very important part. But working in the industry, you may not be able to get adequate sleep. It needs lot of water and going easy on salt and sugar

How many hours of sleep do you get every night on an average?

KJ: 5-8 hours of sleep. Though I’d like to sleep longer.

What do you wear to sleep? Pajamas or night dress?

KJ: Shorts and tank

Silk, linen or cotton sheets?

KJ: Cotton bed sheets but silk pillowcases. They are gentle to your skin and face.

Are you a night owl or prefer going to bed early?

KJ: You can say “Early to bed” Since I’m travelling more often than not so I need a good sleep.

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