Know More: 7 Harmful Effects of Packaged Foods

Harmful Effects of Packaged Foods

Do you frequently purchase packaged foods from the stores and supermarkets? If yes, then you should know that packaged foods can harm your health badly. The toxins used in the production of the food packaging materials can affect your health because with time, the quality of those materials changes which also changes the taste and appearance of the packaged foods. So, keeping this mind, we have listed some harmful effects of packaged foods that you should know.

1. Digestive problems

 Digestive problemsImage Source: com

Well, it is a bit difficult to estimate the risk of consuming the contaminants from the packaged food. Still, if rubber and plastic come in contact with the food, there are chances it will result in health problems.

2. High blood pressure

High blood pressureImage Source: healthline

Regular consumption of food from fast food outlets can cause high blood pressure because of their packaging in hard plastic.

3. Cancer

CancerImage Source: medicalnewstoday

Generally, the food contact material (FCM) is made of plastic and synthetic which are used for packing various food products. But, you should be very cautious about this as the toxic, formaldehyde is used in making FCM which can lead to breast and prostate cancer.

4. Heart problems

Heart problemsImage Source: medicalnewstoday

The baby bottles and cans made with plastic contain a chemical, Bisphenol A that can lead to heart diseases.

5. Asthma

AsthmaImage Source: healthdiary365

The chemicals used in the production of the food packaging materials can lead to asthma. Bisphenol- A is toxic which is a very common toxic found in most of the products made with plastic which can develop asthma in children aged between 5 to 12 years.

6. Infertility

 InfertilityImage Source: healthywomen

Bisphenol- A toxic present in the packaging materials can cause hormonal imbalance and also mimic the real hormones which can lead to breast cancer and infertility.

7. Diabetes

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Phthalate is a chemical which is usually found in plastic and also found in the cosmetics and household cleaners. So, it is suggested that you should avoid eating takeaway as this chemical can damage your hormones and lead to heart diseases and diabetes.

So, these were the few harmful effects of packaged foods.