5 Wedding Photo Mistakes Every Couple Should Avoid


The wedding is the most beautiful phase in a person’s life. And soon after the wedding when you sit back and look at your wedding pictures, every memory of that special time starts to flash in front of your eyes. But, what happens if your wedding photos are not up to the mark and all you have got is pictures of your relatives and guests. Well, don’t worry as you can prevent this issue by avoiding these wedding photo mistakes that we are going to share.

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1. Candid at its best

Candid at its bestImage Source: cinemart
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The behind the scenes photos are the most beautiful and real ones because the people are captured unguarded. And when you look at those pics, you can actually live those moments again that you spent with your loved ones. But, if you are planning for a certain posture or other things, then there are chances it might end up in a mess which can affect your beautiful wedding pictures.

2. Keep a check on the background

 Keep a check on the backgroundImage Source: vrutikadoshi

The background is the most important factor in wedding photographs. With many people around you, it is difficult to get a perfect background. But, you can still manage to make your wedding pictures beautiful. Instruct your photographer that he captures the pic in such way that you and the groom appear more with your families and friends.

3. Keep the light right

 Keep the light rightImage Source: rachelsammedia

The disco lights and bold color lights can affect your photos. So, it is best to opt for the soft color lights as they work best for this kind of photography. And make sure that you have plenty of it with a suitable spotlight in the main wedding area.

4. Let you and the groom be a star

Let you and the groom be a starImage Source: exquisevents

With the grand decor, the wedding venue might look perfect but make sure that the decor does not overpower the star of the evening which is you and your groom. Talk to your photographer in this matter and make him understand that the photos should highlight you two. Another problem that people usually face during the wedding is that there are plenty of guests who want to get clicked by a professional. But, you need to make things clear with your photographer whom to click and the other options or you will end up with an album of your wedding guests.

5. Don’t forget the fun element

Dont forget the fun elementImage Source: strandofsilk

There is no need to pause and look at the camera every time when you are being clicked. Try to be natural and continue doing that. Just relax and enjoy and you will notice that your photos automatically look perfect.

So, these were the few wedding photos mistakes that you should avoid.

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