Makeup Hack: Dos and Don’Ts of Makeup Application


Makeup is one simple thing that can bring a lot of difference to your look. But, we all know this fact that makeup is a bit tricky task. And at some point in time, we all have faced some failure moments. So, in order to avoid those mistakes and to get a flawless makeup look, we have listed some dos and don’ts of makeup application.

1. Foundation

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Never apply foundation on the bare face as there are chances that foundation will break down due to lack of moisture. And always make sure that you cover your neck area as your neck is a bit darker than your face. And this simple tip of blending will help you to cover up the contrast between your face and neck.


Always apply foundation on the face which is cleansed, exfoliated, and moisturized properly because a smooth base helps the foundation to blend properly on your skin. Another thing that you should remember while purchasing the foundation is to opt for the one that matches your jawline.

2. Concealer

ConcealerImage Source: howtousevinevera


Never apply concealer to the under-eye area without applying color corrector as it can look ashy. It is said that for dark under eye circles, peach and orange shades are the best.


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It is advised that you should use a concealer which is two shades lighter than your foundation to cover the under-eye area. This simple tip helps to cover the puffiness and dark circles. And while applying concealer under your eyes, always apply it in the shape of an inverted triangle.

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3. Powder

PowderImage Source: picdn


Never use foundation powder to set your makeup as there are chances that it might turn your makeup cakey.


Use setting powder only in the areas where there are chances of creasing like your nose, sides of the mouth and under eye area. And for this purpose, only use a translucent powder that has no color.

4. Brows

BrowsImage Source: lionesseflatiron


Never use an eyebrow product that is black.


It is suggested that blonds should opt for a brow product which is one or two shades darker than their skin tone. And people who have darker hair should opt for one or two shades lighter than their skin. In simple words, always opt for a shade which is lighter than your hair color.

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5. Contour

 ContourImage Source: birchbox


Never use a bronzer which is too warm toned or is too orange for contouring. And avoid using bronzer which has shimmer particles.


Always use a medium or neutral shade bronzer for contouring. You can also use a cool-toned taupe bronzer. And for a natural look always use a bronzer which is matte.

6. Blush

BlushImage Source: makeupandbeauty


Never blend your blush downwards while applying it to the apples of your cheeks.


Use the blush that belongs to the same color family as your lipstick. For instance, if you are applying pink lipstick, then opt for a pink blush to avoid over the top look. And always blend your blush in the upward direction.

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7. Highlight

HighlightImage Source: thetrendspotter


Never apply highlighter to the apple of your cheeks as it can add more emphasis to your pores.


Use shimmer highlight in those areas of the face where the light hits naturally  like the high point of your cheeks, bridge of the nose and your forehead.

8. Eyes

EyesImage Source: picdn


Never apply eyeshadow on bare eyelids as it makes it look streaky. And avoid using shimmer as a crease color.


Always apply primer to your eyelids for a smoother and even finish. This simple tip will also help to make your makeup last for a longer period. And always opt for warm shades as your transition shade for the crease.

So, these were the few dos and don’ts of makeup application that you should know to get a perfect makeup look.

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