Not So Common Reasons Which May Lead To Hair Fall


We all experience hair fall at some point in our life. Most of the times it is temporary and seasonal and goes away after some time. But today we are going to tell you about some of the not so common reasons which may lead to hair fall. These reasons are rather sneaky and stay hidden most of the time.

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1. Birth control- Let me clarify one thing beforehand that not all birth control pills lead to hair fall and not everyone reacts to the same pill in a similar manner. The effects may vary from woman to woman. If you have started taking birth control and with that, you experience that you have started losing weight, then it might be because of your birth control pill.

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2. Thyroid imbalance- Thyroid imbalance may also lead to weight gain. But apart from that, another common symptom of thyroid imbalance is dry and brittle hair which often leads to hair fall. If the reason behind your hair fall is thyroid related it can be treated when you start taking medicines for balancing your thyroid.

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3. Sudden and extreme weight loss- When you suddenly lose a lot of weight the body treats it as a trauma and reserves nutrients from the non-essential tissues thus resulting in hair fall. So, if you lose too much weight too quickly you end up losing a lot of hair as well. but with the right kind of diet you can get back your lost hair.

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4. Poor scalp health- Not always the problem is so complicated or hidden. Your scalp condition can also explain quite a lot of things. One of the most basic problems such as dandruff may also be the reason behind your hair fall. If this is the reason behind your hair fall then you can use a good anti-dandruff shampoo to get rid of it.

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5. Dirty hair- If you don’t wash your hair for weeks or months then you are ought to lose hair. Dirty hair and scalp may lead to several conditions such as dandruff which then leads to hair fall. Depending your hair type one should wash hair 2-3 times a week.

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6. Tight hairstyles- We all love to experiment with different hairstyles. But women do not know that tying your hair into tight buns, braids and ponytails can damage the follicles and may lead to hair fall. To avoid this situation do not tie your hair into tight hairstyles all day every day and keep them reserved for only special occasions.

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7. Protein deficiency- Our hair is made of proteins thus it is very important to include a lot of protein in your diet to maintain the health of your hair. if you are not consuming enough proteins it may lead to a protein deficiency. When there is a protein deficiency in the body the body may prohibit the hair growth. This results in hair fall.

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