Quick and Easy Tips to Look Stylish This Diwali!!!


The amazing festival of lights is back with much more joy and fervor! Being one of the festival Indians eagerly wait for, Diwali is marked by huge celebration. Starting from decorated markets and houses to newspapers and celebrity shows, everything tries to demonstrate something special about this occasion. The whole city, in fact gets illuminated that particular night, with diyaas and lights and the crackers shining bright.

The cultural significance of Diwali takes us back to the Ramayan era. However, now, it is characterized by new outfits, exchange of gifts and parties. Wanna sport your best look for this Diwali party??? Here are the few tips to look stylish you can use this Diwali.

The Aarti Look:

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The puja experience gets better and much more cheerful for you and your family when you are holding the thali in your hands with a very sweet smile on your face.

 Tips for the graceful Aarti look:

  • Indian culture considers the big red bindi as one of its important parts. Pair such a bindi with your traditional attire for the occasion.
  • Wear catchy pieces of jewelry like jhumkas and gold chokers. You might want to save those for a better occasion, but they will greatly suit this one as well.
  • There is nothing to match the fresh look just after taking the shower. Just apply some eyeliner to make eyes look lovelier. Along with that, a reddish colour on your lips will complete the look.
  • Spread a pleasing fragrance wherever you go, wearing a beautiful gajra on your hair.
  • Tying your hair into a neat bun, you can keep your hair away from your shoulders and thus avoid trouble while preparing for the puja. It also greatly accentuates your traditional look.

Celebration Look:

Diwali is an occasion which you enjoy to celebrate with your family and friends. You may have to attend a get-together either to exchange gifts or to have lunch and dinner. Here are some suggestions for you while sporting a look for this occasion.

Tips to sport the celebration look:

  • Wearing an embellished Anarkali or a trendy embroidered saree will fetch you lots of good compliments.  You can focus the attention on your face using the maang-tika.
  • Accentuate your eyes with mascara and eyeliner.
  • You can choose a plum or peach colored eye-shadow and use the same shade for a matte lipstick.
  • A stylish chignon will complete your look.

Chic Madame Look:

The saree gives an even more classic look when paired with a mid-parted hairstyle. You can sport this look for a dinner date with your loved one.

 Woman with her daughter holding a traditional Diwali thali

Tips to sport the chic madame look:

  • A mid-parted hairstyle adds strength to your look and makes you stand-out in the crowd.
  • You can add more definition to your look with bold eyebrows.
  • Rim your eyes using eyeliner
  • Elongate your eyelashes by applying mascara.
  • Portray your excellent fashion sense through Smoky eye makeup.
  • Glamorize the whole ensemble by wearing neckpieces and danglers.
  • Apply a catchy colour to your lips.

Glamour Personified:

Glamour is an aspect of fashion which keeps chasing you, especially in the festive seasons. Designers have now compensated for the need of fabulous traditional outfits. You should wear a coveted lehngaa or a gorgeous designer saree to sport a glamorous look for the Diwali night.

Tips to Look Glamorous:

  • A rich-hued matte lipstick will give you a sensuous look. Wear it in a plum, peach or crimson color, you can easily make others envy your style.
  • You should highlight your face by applying a bronzer or a pink blush on your cheeks.
  • Wear stylish neckpiece or jhumkaas to enliven your look.
  • A chignon makes your look even more glamorous. Tying your hair in a chignon, you can make an excellent fashion statement.


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All you need is a few simple steps to achieve the sultry eye look. To your glossy pout, add some highlighter and a bit of blush. No matter whatever be your outfit, this look will easily fit into your appearance.

Tips to sport the eye-magic look:

  • You can give a more defined look to your eyes with a liner. Apply it on your upper eyelid and give it a winged eye look.
  • Do the same on your lower eyelid.
  • Cover the lids with eye shadows of metallic colour.
  • If you like, you can use a different color for each eyelid.

Look For Young Unmarried Girls:

Side-swept Expressions:

You can express your curls in the most stylish hairdos of the season, one among which is the side-swept style. Endorsed by celebrities, this style can adorn your looks too.

Tips to have the Side-Swept Expressions look:

  • This style best suits the evening look when your face is fresh and your eyes are bold.
  • Wash your hair thoroughly and condition them. Then blow-dry them so that the locks get opened. Curl the hair at bottom to give them the side swept look.
  • Color your lips and keep them glossy.
  • Wear a smoky eye makeup for the evening.
  • Apply a light blush on the apples of your cheeks.
  • Anarkalis or patialas are the best attires to suit this look.

In Vogue:

Be it for the celebs walking on the red carpet or a simple working women walking on the street, braids do make a unique style statement. Get-togethers are very common on the Diwali night and you should be ready for it. For a big bash going on at your friend’s place you can go in this superb style.

Tips to Have the In Vogue Look:

  • Make a braid having French plaits and leave the bangs free on the forehead.
  • Wear a dewy make-up and pair it with kohl eyes for a beautiful look.
  • On the apples of your cheeks, apply a peach or pink colored blush and cover it with a pink pout.
  • Cover your lids with rose pink and use eyeliner to give them a more defined look.
  • Traditional Indian outfits like Churidars-kurta or Anarkalis are best to club this look with.

Blush Pink Look:

You need to attend the puja and at the same time you are planning to hang out with your friends for fun. This look will suit you for both.

Tips to have the blush pink look:

  • For the Diwali night, you can very well choose pink as the colour code. A fuchsia Anarkali having a golden brocade border will best suit the occasion.
  • Your lids should be covered by a light pink coloured eye-shadow.
  • Rim your eyes with an eyeliner and on your cheeks, apply a light pink blush
  • Keep your eye-brows neat and your face clear to  feel even more beautiful
  • Open your hair and give them a good blow-dry.
  • Lovely light weight lehengas are the best outfits to sport this look with.

There are a variety of looks you can sport for the occasion of Diwali. Just choose the one which is best suited for you.

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