Ramadan Special: Some Important Fasting Rules & Facts To Follow


As per the Islamic Culture, Ramadan is known to be the most sacred festival of the religion. But, now even the believers from the other religion follow the sacredness of this month-long festival.

Believers keep fast for the duration of Ramadan month, to resolve their past sins in the eyes of the Allah. For some, it is their path to redemption and for others, it is the path of a happy life that God has bestowed their followers to lead on to.
Fasting during Ramadan is obligatory, for the believers, and is also known to a founding pillar of the religion Islam.

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Here are some other facts & rules that every believer and follower must know before they start the fasting.

1.Who And Who Cannot Keep Ramadan Fasts

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The one who is healthy and sane, and has reached the age of puberty is allowed to and must hold the fasting of Ramadan.
While traveling or being sick, you are not to fast for Ramadan, but you have to compensate that on the later date.
Women who are experiencing post-baby bleeding or are undergoing the menstruation cycle, they must not hold the sacred fasts and must compensate on the later dates.

For the old and the weak ones, you are to feed other person, as a compensation for your fasting days, for as long you miss them. This process is called Fidiya.

After Ramadan has ended, the pregnant women or who are still breastfeeding, must follow Fidiya, to compensate their part in Ramadan.

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2.What Invalidates Fasting During Ramadan

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If you have been eating or drinking anything knowingly, then your fast becomes invalid. But, if you were coerced or have forgotten about the fast, then your fast still validates to be continued.

If you chose to vomit intentionally, whatever the reason maybe, your fast immediately becomes invalid. But, if you have been feeling nauseated and vomits unintentionally, then your fast continues.

While observing the fasts, if you get indulges into sexual intercourse, then your fast becomes invalid, immediately. And to compensate your sin, you must keep fasts for continuous sixty days, or you must feed sixty poor individuals.

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3.What Must You Do To Follow Ramadan Fasting Properly

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You are to wash your face and nose with plain water and use it in the limit to avoid swallowing it. Otherwise, it will be invalidated.

Showering helps during fasting, but be careful about not swallowing the water while doing so. During fasting, the body becomes dehydrated, heated and thirsty.

Men can pour eye drops in their eyes and women can apply Kohl (Kajal) in their eyes during the fasting. It is acceptable if the liquid travels to the throat from the eye drops.

Any kind of medication that is necessary is acceptable, during the fasting of Ramadan.

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Even taking suppositories are allowed while fasting for Ramadan, for laxative, relaxing or cleansing purposes of the private areas.

If you accidentally swallow your own saliva, then your fast still continues to validate.
Tasting food but not swallowing it is also valid, simply rinse away your mouth after doing so, making sure not even a single drop of water is gulped.

Hugs and kisses are allowed as long as you don’t indulge in the sexual intercourse.
In case you are in a state of Janata, a state of ritual impurity caused due to sexual intercourse, then you first need to take bath and then you can only continue to hold your fast, before the dawn.

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You can have suhuur, which is a pre-dawn meal, that is eaten to stay healthy and energized for the upcoming day ahead.
Break your fast by consuming dry or fresh dates, or else, if they are not available on hand at the moment, then you can drink a glass of water too.

Studying Quran or reciting its verses, mentally or out loud, is considered very sacred.
It is suggested to use Miswaak, root of Araak tree, to clean the teeth, instead of using your regular toothpaste and brush.

So, I hope you find this information useful and be successful in holding your fasts during this Ramadan festival. Share some other information that you think is necessary for people to know, in the comment box below.

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