5 Everyday Mistakes That Are Harming Your Nails


Nails are the mirror of your personality and hygiene!
Your nails might be a composition of dead skin cells, growing endlessly even after cutting them. But they are a part of your body and their care is as much essential as for any other area on your skin.
Thinking that leaving your nails the way they are is the biggest mistake that you are making. They affect your beauty and deflects your health. Their care routine is not time-consuming, but you can do it while reading a book or watching your favorite series, or when you are simply doing nothing.

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In this article, you will read about everyday mistakes that you have been making until now and are completely unaware of the fact that hoe bad are they affecting your nails.

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#Scratching Your Nail Polish Off From Your Nails
Knowingly or unknowingly, you are harming your nails by scratching your nail polish off of them, using your own nails, instead of any nail polish remover. Avoid doing this, or else you will destroy your nails beyond repair.

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#Using Harsh Acetone Based Nail Polish Removers
Using acetone-based nail polish removers on your nails are the worst thing that you are doing to them. They dehydrate your nails and the cuticles surrounding. Also, they cause those white spots to occur on the nail’s surface. Use acetone-free nail polish removers only.

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#Skipping To Apply The Base Coat
Base coats are for protecting your nails from the harmful chemicals of dark nail polish. They act as a barrier to save your nails from losing its natural oils and makes them stronger to last longer.

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#Biting Your Nails Off & Cutting Your Cuticles
We understand that those little spiky cuticles must be really painful at time but cutting them or biting them is not a good idea. Instead, use cuticle oil to soften them and then push them back in. also, biting your nails only destroys their texture and the shape. And also, if you accidentally gulp them, they can be dangerous for your health too.

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#Using Back-N-Forth Motion To File Your Nails
Back-n-forth filing of nails causes them to crack and break off eventually. Instead, file them in just one direction and save them from unnecessary chipping over time.

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So, girls! I think you will remember to avoid repeating these 5 mistakes from the next time and take good care of your nails.

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